Comparing and Contrasting Life in College Verses Life in High School Essay

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Date:  2022-11-07


High school and college education are a fundamental part of educational life for every student. For the student to acquire a satisfactory education, one needs to complete education in the lower higher school before proceeding to the college education. It is important to note that even though there are similarities and differences in both levels of education, they both seek to further student's level of knowledge. The paper seeks to compare and contrast the key similarities and differences that exist between high school and college education.

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Similarities between the College and High School Education

Several similarities exist between education in high school and that in the college. Some of these similarities seem to be obvious and common to many individuals. For instance, both the two learning institutions have classrooms assignments and the students whose main intention is to learn and to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them in their future lives. Grades in both high schools and colleges are fundamental given that they both help prepare the student in their future career as they give the true reflection of the coverage content. Besides, the courses that most students take in high schools in most cases tend to be similar except with some slight differences that the college ones seem to be more advanced.

Throughout the entire course in both collage and the high school, teachers take the better part of their time to prepare their students for the end semester or end term examination as the students put effort to move to the next level of their studies. Besides, most of the basic rules that exist in both college and high schools seem to be the same as they revolve around discipline and hard work. In both institutions, cheating is the most common known rule with the worst consequences that every person should observe. Besides, high school and college tend to encourage and enhance students to display their talents, especially on sports as they help such students where necessary and appropriate.

Differences between the College Education and that in the High School

Independence remains the major difference between college and high school education. In college, students tend to be responsible for their actions and the type of decisions that they make. Unlike in the high school education, nobody bothers the learners in college to attend their lessons or even study for the examination as compared to the high school where even teachers will try to negotiate for a good performance from their students. Class attendance for the high school students is mandatory, and teachers will give directives on what to do and what to avoid while in the school compound.

The class structure that exists in high school tends to be relatively smaller as compared to that in the college. In most cases, classes comprise of approximately thirty students and below, and teachers have an easy time to know their students even by their name. However, the scenario is different in college where a class can have even up to one hundred students as the professors find it difficult to identify each student with their names or even with their looks. In addition, most of the students in college greatly rely on their parents on matters to do with their financial concern, an issue that is different when it comes to the college students where most of them are responsible for their financial concerns.


In conclusion, both college and high school education remain an essential part of the student. In both students seek to acquire education and knowledge that would be fundamental for their future life and career. Despite the similarities that exist between the two levels of institutions, one of the common difference relies on the level of freedom and independence that the college students have that the high schoolers do not have.

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