Communist Manifesto Paper Example

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Date:  2022-05-26

1. Wright Mills

The society is led by a communist manifesto whereby it is used as an inspiration to steer change among the people who are oppressed and exploited. Workers movement used the manifesto to accomplish significantly and showcase their ideas needed for social change. The revolution was needful which the movement championed over the people in Western Europe. The society is one that campaigned for the liberation of the people through going against the norms of the authoritarian leadership that was present in the historical days (Mills, 1959:7).

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There was no formal government as is presently whereby people just have to consider the stipulations in the constitution and make demands or pleas to the governments. Presently there is a ruling class where the people have to be under a certain authority where they have elected representatives to the government. Back in the days, women were just takers of what is stipulated to them while men would be the supreme authority and ought to be respected. Women were not allowed to be in any position of authority since they were superior to the men. Currently, women can be in any position of leadership since they are given the mandate to be elected in any given position (Beamish, 2010:13). It is an effective way to explain the personal troubles expressed by mills that have evolved through the history since the changes emanating from the struggles. The struggles to liberalization have helped attain the current society that is independent.

2. Emile Durkheim

According to Durkheim, the society is based on the social solidarity it conforms to in its adherence to either authority or personal relations. When people have a common belief in rituals and norms, the traditional values are the basis on which the society identifies itself. Common values strengthen the collective conscience of the people whereby even as an individual one putts into consideration the expectations of the society they live in. There are a set of activities that are familiar to all the people hence being either male or female one can attend to them which is considered as mechanic solidarity. As the society evolves, there are notable developments such industrialization which the people have to get acquainted with hence there is a division of labor as described by Durkheim. People concentrate on specializing in different skills that the new role brought about by the society being industrialized requires.

In as much as dependency level upon each other is there, individualism grows with time due to labor division in the industries. People now tend to be embedded more on moral and religious beliefs. When individualism becomes more prominent than working for a collective purpose as a society, individuals find their way to meet their needs. Social reliance dwindles, and less of family or societal approval is indulged. Many people tend to concentrate on their individual lives, and the society to lets them be. Once one ceases to work for the common benefit of the rest, they are allowed to succeed on their own and find their destiny.

The changes in the social and economic issues that impact negatively on society are likely to cause on to commit suicide when they cannot withstand. Such as case is referred to as anomic suicide which is aggravated by job loss, and partially insatiability by a religion. Current economic changes such as inflation and unemployment push people to take their lives due to lack of an alternative source of income to cater for their needs. In modern culture, individualism exceeds collective action of society where people take care of problems together.

3. Karl Marx

The Manifesto forms the basis of sociological imagination. The struggles to have the liberty many people are enjoying were contributed by the struggles of the pioneers who were in the manifesto. On the importance of the manifesto is the basis on which sociological imagination is based on. People can relate the history that was made by others through imagination. Secondly, it helped in gaining the relevant forms of authority that the common people are represented by various individuals (Beamish, 1848:9). The representatives are familiar with the common people needs hence elected to that position. Thirdly, the authority where women were deemed to be workers and house makers can now take up leadership roles. Over time, due to formal education, one is aware where their rights end and the next person's freedom is not exploited. Hence, being equipped helps people to live in harmony with one another. Social perspectives have changed due to modernity, and one has an understanding of what to do with their lives.

4. Max Weber

Rationalization refers to a process of achieving a particular goal through means that were previously set and calculated. It is applied in most organizations to achieve certain targets at a particular period. In other words, when rationalization is applied in business institutions, it is referred to bureaucracy (Beamish, 1893: 18). In business institutions, plans are strategized to attain a certain goal. The strategies are the means used to achieve that target similarly to rationalization. Capitalism is also a form of control exercised on wealth or resource ownership. Bureaucracy is a form of control employed in business sector whereby work has to done in stipulated expectations.


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