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Date:  2022-10-16


I had experiences in the workplace and it is ordinary to get involved in conflicts from time to time. Conflict and dispute are inevitable in our society (Hatton, N., & Smith, D. 2015). I remember when I was at my workplace, where we get in a shift in pairs, my workmate went silence and could talk to me anymore. The graveyard silence went on for three consecutive days. It was not a conducive environment for me to work on at all. I had to report the matter to the manager for intervention. I learned that reporting to the in charge is a vital concept (Moon, J. A. 2013) It looks like my working companion would not even care about the report. In my opinion, it was the best idea to report the matter to the manager office. On summon, the manager questions the integrity and the working relationship. The claims were that I was talking too loud on the phone and uses my native language a lot when talking. It's something that I could have corrected if the workmate could have told me. It is evident that we all come from different ethnic group speaking different languages, therefore it is inevitable for a person from time to time to speak their native language. At this point, the manager was able to defend me by appreciating the fact that we are in a multicultural society. However, the way to counter such conflicts is setting up a plan that will be resolute to good relations in the workplace. The workmate was apologetic in a way. The plan was to put up cameras in the staffroom and restriction to taking calls within working hours may be only if it an emergency. I was able to learn that as manager, for an organization to run smoothly plans are very important especially in resolving disputes and conflicts. It is a practice (Bolton, G. 2010) relays to be adapted to any place of work.

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Managerial practices in any organization should incorporate good teamwork. The practice that (Mezirow, J. 2013) insisted. In my opinion, good teamwork starts with good communications. The communication between the workmate is an essential aspect for the well-being of the organization. For instance, in my case, I will be dealing with children and personal concern about them. Therefore, the crucial aspect is maintaining a good relationship regarding communication with all involved parties from institute personnel, children and their parents in particular. I always consider that a good communication relationship will eventually result in effective management (Atkins, S., & Murphy, K. 2014) and cooperation of an institute am leading. Using my past experiences in work and job market I noted that, when the involved parties are indulged into the planning of an organization, it will lead to smooth running of the institution. Therefore, I would prefer to sit down with a representative from every department of the institute and plan together. I found out that, it will be easy for these involved parties to be dedicated to the set goals when involved in the planning rather than just implement without seeking their views. This is because the individuals will always feel they are not part of the intuition, therefore there will be a lot of resistance which is not healthy for the organizational. Involving multiple parties in plan making as (Ghaye, T. 2010) mentioned is critical and essential. To add on that, the evaluation made over time is the importance of valuing everyone I am working with. Children especially always love when they are commended in their doing, hence they will tend to create a culture of repetitive action that would make them be appreciated. I would ensure that any plan put and set is working and favors everyone incorporated to take part in.

Action plan

Creating a plan for managerial practice have its benefits in running an organizing an institution according to (Gardner, F. 2017). I can attest to the idea of having adopted from group work presentation from my previous workplace. Working as a group is a fundamental element that should be implemented in an organization. For group work, a leader has to be chosen from the member to exercise a leadership role. The responsibility attained from leadership is the expectation to coordinate in achieving a specific goal. The leader is ascertained to be answerable for any queries that are likely to come up. As I had earlier seen, forming social media group such as WhatsApp group for group work efficiently work in case involved person is held and cannot be available. Hence, communication proves to be important for organization and institution that manager according to (Gardner, F. 2017) and should ensure it's a working plan in their leadership role. In the future, I will target to develop my skills in the assertive way especially when working with my colleagues, in an aim to make sure involved individuals well-being are catered and maintained.

Indeed, children value their family a lot, therefore as manager of the nursery institution is likely to be similar to the way I usually operate with my children at home. I am the mother of four, therefore looking after them is always work that I am mandated to conduct every day. Children are a very delicate being (Hickson, H. 2011) who needs to be taken care of in a unique way. They need help to learn, hence am ought to guide them and show them the direction and think they should do. However, when they are doing something contrary to the right practice, I apply the wise saying spare the rod and spoil the child by giving discipline accordingly. Conflicts always arouse when they interact, (Ruch, G. 2011) they may even get involved in a fight as a result. As the mother, am responsible for settling such dispute using a working plan that will bring peace and harmony among them. This is qualities that as the manager I should incorporate in the nursery institution to ensure unity and cooperation is maintained. However, disciplinary action should also take into consideration in case compatriots misbehave or break rules put. Another vital practice that I value is ensuring that participant is pushed into their full potential according to their capability. As such, the skills and education children acquire in their young age will help them in future endeavors (Ruch, G. 2011).


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