Collections of the Palace Museum

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Date:  2021-03-10

When talking about Palace Museum, I can say that it is among my top best museums that I have ever visited. Talking about Palace Museum, I can categorize it as being unique on its own. Palace Museum is a national gallery housed in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, are based upon the supreme gathering of the Ming and Qing traditions. This accumulation was extended in the twentieth century with new acquisitions, exchanges from different galleries, and new archeological revelations. Palace Museum has implemented online marketing technique where one can pay to go through the gallery online. Through online marketing, it has helped both the country since it earns the country foreign currency and also assists other people to get information without having visited the museum in person.

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Palace Museum is the most outstanding museums in China hence symbolize China. The last time I was there, I never had enough time to tour much of it. Therefore, I am longing to go there once the spring break begins. I know many people dont know much about the Palace Museum. The fact as to why I love and cherish Palace Museum is because of the collection found in the museum. The museum holds most of the emperors personal collection. Bearing in mind that the Forbidden City was once the Chinese Imperial Palace, it gives me the urge to bear witness to the historical palace. The Palace Museum was given the mandate to take charge of the Forbidden City in 1925. The Forbidden City had some artifacts and numerous collections of artwork which were made from the imperial collections of the Ming and Qing dynasties (Giskin, 56). What makes Forbidden City far important is the fact that during 1925 audit, it was noted that 1.17 million pieces of art were recorded. Unfortunately, the World War II destroyed nearly half of it.

The current records show that over a million rare and valuable artworks in the permanent collection of Palace Museum, including paintings, ceramics, seals, steles, sculptures, inscribed wares, bronze wares and enamel objects have been kept safe. My second visit to the museum will allow me to visit the museum collections which was conducted in 2004 and 2010 recording a sum of 1, 807, 558 artifacts which are the designated national protected valuable cultural relics Li, Jian, Li He, Hou-mei, & Ma, 23).

It was my dream since the time I was young that one day, I should visit and get acquainted with the art collections in our motherland. Also, given the fact that I am a Chinese, I have a right to visit to give respect to the works done by our forefathers. Besides that, it acts as a practical tour of the 4th-grade textbook which talked a lot about the artifacts collections found in Palace Museum.


In conclusion, I can state that I have, and I will continue visiting the Palace Museum because it is a way of honoring my dreams. Also, the museum is not far from the city. Hence, going there is easy because it is just a walking distance. Apart from the collections found in the museum, the Palace Museum buildings were designed in a manner that it is eye-catching. The royal residence complex epitomizes customary Chinese palatial Engineering; The Forbidden City was proclaimed a World Heritage Site in 1987 and is recorded by UNESCO as the biggest accumulation of protected old wooden

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