Essay Example on Immigrants in US: Benefits & Impact on Labor Force

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Date:  2022-12-27

Can you imagine America without immigrants or foreigners living in the United States? Furthermore, can anyone figure out the benefits of immigrants in the United States? The answers to these questions are expected to be quite diverse depending on the individuals' perception of the immigrants. I, for instance, one of the possible logical answers to these questions is that it is almost impossible to prevent immigrants into the US and they increase the size of labor available in the US. Another different answer would be it is possible for the United States to stay without foreigners because they have more disadvantages than benefits. It has been more than one and a half century since the United States opened started welcoming immigrants and the economy of the United States has been increasing steadily. In other words, the United States has values that embrace immigrants not only for the labor they provide but also to offer compassion and home for the refugees and other strangers. To be precise America is known to promote humanity through providing rights and privileges to all the immigrants irrespective of their race, religion, talent and abilities and even the level of education. Therefore I believe that America has all the reasons to embrace immigration because it has made the country very powerful, famous and the greatest country on earth.

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Since 2016 there have been heated debates in regards to immigrants in the United States. The topic of immigrants became intense after Donald Trump announced that in order to make the United States great again his regime would regulate the number of immigrants into the US. Additionally, after taking the oath of office president, Donald Trump declared deportation of immigration especially those with Islamic origin. Furthermore, Trump announced a war against all the illegal immigrants into US irrespective of their reasons to migrant to the US. This ideology was embraced by a majority of the Republicans as well as president Donald Trump supporters. Moreover, since trump became the president, he has been campaigning for the building of the US - Mexico border wall as a way of reducing the number of illegal immigrants entering the US through the southern border. Donald Trump and a number of Republicans have argued that most of the immigrants enter the United States through the Mexico border and they tend to threaten the security of the country.

Moreover, Trump is against immigrants because he strongly feels that they are bringing more harm than good in the United States. For instance, he argues that illegal immigration has facilitated drug trafficking, smuggling of goods as well as terrorist activities. In other words, Trump believes that most of the foreign terrorists in the United States are illegal immigrants. Furthermore, Trump and his supporters argue that immigrants cause financial burden to the United States and in order for America to become great again it will have to allow only resourceful legal immigrants. For instance, more than 287,741 people were deported from the United States in the fiscal year 2018. Also, it is necessary to note that this was the highest number of deportations that have ever happened in the US since 1992. The main reason for deportation was the immigrants had entered the United States without inspection. About 42.5% of the immigrants were new immigrants. More deportations are expected to increase as the immigration authority continue searching for undocumented immigrants.

On the other hand, most of the Democrats have been against the war against undocumented immigrants that was commenced by Donald Trump. For example, the immigrants being led by the speaker of the Congress has been reluctant to pass the bill seeking for funding of the building of the US-Mexico border wall. They have voted the motion down more than three times. Most of them strongly argue that building of the US-Mexico border wall will be very expensive for the country and still immigrants have not threatened the security of the country. Also, some of them argue that a direct linkage between the immigrants and drug trafficking as well as smuggling does not exist. In other words, most of the Democrats are in support of the US to continue habiting more immigrants. The Democrats have also emphasized that continued war against Immigrants will damage the country's image of being the most hospital country in the globe. In other words, some feel that the US is great and continues to be great with the immigrants.

I tend to believe that the current arguments about immigration are the united states are not beneficial to the country. It is time for the Trump regime to appreciate the role of immigration in the US economy as well as its global image. For example, since the times of Abraham Lincoln, United States of America has been embracing immigration into the United States. At some time Abraham Lincoln who is referred to as the greatest president of the United States used the slogan "immigration as a path to national greatness." During the regime of Lincoln unites states welcomed many immigrants from all the corners of the world, but most of them were from European and Asian countries. George Washington was another president who embraced immigration in the US and during his regime the US was ranked as the wealthiest nation in the globe. From these events, it is clear that immigration facilitates the growth of a country in terms of economy and social life. Growth in the economy is as a result of an increase in the available labor as well as the introduction of foreign investments in the country.

Furthermore, the United States of America has become the most famous in the world due to its hospitable nature to the immigrants. Over the years the United States has been known for the protection of the rights and privileges of the immigrants which have equally resulted in fulfillment and enjoyment. In fact, most of the immigrants live a more comfortable life in the United States than their countries of origin. Moreover, the constitution of the United States has been known to be the most democratic constitution in the world. The US constitution adversely campaigns for the rights of the immigrants and also gives them room town property and start businesses in the United States. Additionally for the greatness of the United States to be sustained it needs to offer friendly terms and conditions to the immigrants. Furthermore, there is an argument that the US requires more great people other than the American citizens to continue growing and becoming great. Putting the interests of other people in need of help over Americans is more of a benefit than a disadvantage. This principle calls for other countries in the globe to respect the US and its citizens.

Other reasons for immigration being before America's greatness are two fundamentals that have lasted since the regime of Lincoln and of the fundamental is that the mission of the US is to be the world's most country. This means the greatness can only be achieved when people from other countries believe that the United States is a better country than their home country. Non-Americans can only arrive at this conclusion after visiting, living and enjoying the comfortable in the US. The other fundamental is the openness of the US to other people contributes to its growth as the immigrants seek to make their lives great. Every immigrant desire to lead a better life in a foreign land as compared to their country. Otherwise, the individual would not have a reason for migrating. Consequently, most of the immigrants work very hard and dedicate themselves to living a better life. Consequently, the United States benefits from them through the exchange of cultural diversity, increased income as well as the opening of new business ventures and channels. All these activities contribute to the greatness of the country.


From the above arguments, it is clear that immigration affects the United States positively. The greatness of the United States has heavily been influenced by immigration. President Lincoln and Washington had foreseen the importance of immigrants in the US and over the decades most presidents have embraced immigration. Immigrants promote the growth of the US economy, as well as social status. It is time that the current policies in the US should be adjusted to promote immigration. The greatness of America heavily relies on immigrants.

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