Collection of Data for the Purpose of Public Health

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Date:  2022-07-26


Collection of data for the purpose of public health is a very important exercise which can considerably serve for improving the community health. Accurate, complete and timely access to the patient and organizational data is very important due to the emerging policy and health service issues. Sellers and Friis (2013) recognized that collecting data from more than one source is necessary for the event research on the public health issues requires the extraction of data from many secondary datasets. It is therefore important to identify the most effective data sources that can be linked to create a dataset for specific public health issues.

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Purpose: Research on the Notable Chronic Diseases and the Possible Causes

The data sources are important for the key public health issues and the related concerns. For instance, proper epidemiological research is necessary to find the notable chronic diseases which affect patients and the possible disease causes. Failure of the doctors to find specific disease-causing factors only occurs in rare occasions. The patients are also tasked to contribute to the research by responding effectively based on the research requirements. Sellers and Friis (2013) added that it is necessary to consider numerous sources so that an effective research is undertaken on this issue. It, therefore, follows that considering more than one sources is a key strategy for working on the improvement of the public health offered to patients.

Appropriate Data Sources

Disease Registry: this type of data source contains specific details about a given health condition; including diagnosis, condition and the associated procedures. Registries are established based on secondary data which implies that the given sources contain sufficient details on the area under study (Brownson Samet & Bensyl, 2017). This may cover the hospitalized patients or the hospital reports that are provided at the point of patient discharge. It may, therefore, be used to properly inform a research-based the issues of the chronic diseases and their causes.

Clinical data source: clinical data is important in this context since it is normally collected when treatment or any other significant clinical program is being accomplished. Brownson, Samet and Bensyl (2017) noted that the use of the type of the given public health data source can be used to focus on the many chronic diseases have been discovered in the society in which many are not aware of their health condition. Their use can be based on the information provided by patients.


Brownson, R., Samet, J., & Bensyl, D. (2017). Applied epidemiology and public health: are we training the future generations appropriately?. Annals Of Epidemiology, 27(2), 77-82. doi: 10.1016/j.annepidem.2016.12.002

Sellers, T., & Friis, R. (2013). Epidemiology for Public Health Practice Front Cover (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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