Coca Cola Marketing Strategy, Recruitment and Environmental Issues Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Executive Summary

Coca Cola is the world's best-known beverage company which was founded in 1886 in the United States. The company has sold in over 200 countries in the world with 1.6 billion servings a day consumption rate. Coca Cola is a TCCC company with the oldest products which has retained the Best Global Brand first position. This paper aims at discussing the different ways in which social media affects the beverage company in this era where social media influences almost every aspect of life. The paper will analyze the elements which the company excels at and the others and the aspects which the company is being criticized. It uses various social media aspects to draw to attention some of the issues within the company.

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Most aspects in Coca Cola prove to be more superior than their competitors. It ranges from the corporate structure to promotional techniques. Some of these aspects are implementation, market mix strategy, and positioning. It is these aspects that make Coca Cola more superior to the competitors thus instigating that the company has a better mission and higher goals. The mission of the company is to completely satisfy and refresh the world while the vision is to ensure that the coca cola bottle can be at the reach of all the arms around the world. Coca Cola would never start on its mission without a vision. The vision of the company relies on the six P's wh9ch are productivity, profit, planet, partners, portfolio, and people where it is set out to illuminate the path in ensuring that the mission is always achievable (Munsey, 2009). The main rival of the company is Pepsi which holds a significant percentage of the US's market share. It holds 30.8% while coca cola 41.8% share.

Employees Recruitment and Retention

The recruitment and retention policies and strategy of the company are of high quality. The multi-local enterprise has a reason for being successful at retaining its customers in over 200 of its operational countries around the world. Coca Cola operates globally to fit in the local culture, laws, regulations, rules, and needs. For this reason, the company employs the local staff to operate in the local areas. The Director of Human Resource Coca Cola in the Europeans countries try as much to limit the rate at which the international employees operate while focusing on improving the locals and equipping them so they can carry out their operations. The company needs specific skills for it to be diverse in all the areas of operation. An example is where in the Eastern European, they needed financial managers who are experienced to run the regional companies.

The company has about 80,00 staff scattered in the countries where it is present and ensures that it maintains a strong commitment to having equal opportunities for all those who are interested in valuing diversity. Coca Cola tries its best to keep a good working environment for all its employees where it is free from all kinds of harassment and discrimination (Butler, 2012). One reason why the company has been able to succeed is that it holds its employees in high regard as its most valuable and best asset. The retention strategy used by the company help is to the employees have a drive while working who in turn ensures that the company achieves its objectives and goals. Their input in the company programs measures the value of the employees. Also, valuing its employees as the most valuable asset is a strategy used to hold and motivate the employees within the company for the benefit of both parties.

Proper Marketing Strategy

Another aspect that the company excels at is the marketing strategy. The company has a competitive edge over the competitors regarding collaborative customer relation, channel marketing, brand portfolio, cost control, and operations. Also, it uses its diverse market to increase its sales and create a functional distribution model on the customer's profile, geographic conditions, and the market. It should be noted that Coca Cola is a brand which is recognized by most people around the world. As such, the human connections, associations, memories, and its values can be carefully engineered over the countless population to associate with positivity and happiness. The marketing analysis of the company is meant to ensure that the products are gaining more roots in the ever-growing industry where the advent of the developing nations and Asian markets increases the general consumption due to the changes in the buying habits, economic conditions, and lifestyle (Bodden, 2011). Coca Cola has a lot of products ranging from soft drinks to tea/coffee to water hence it is probable that if the customers switch from one coca-cola product, they will end in another from the same company. Thus, one way it has been able to retain customers and differentiate products is the creation of a pull in the market, and most importantly, building a robust, diverse brand. Coca Cola targets a diverse market while the customer expectation is accessibility and convenience of the products, great taste, low price, and a wide range to choose from.

Environmental Issues

The Coca Cola has undergone some critical issues over the past few years. It has been coupled with packaging. Here, the products have a significant environmental impact which the company has failed to address which its opposition to the introduction of mechanisms such as container deposit legislation. For instance, the company was criticized in Australia in 2013 for undertaking litigation which brought about the invalidation of bottle recycling deposit (Ryan, 2010). Also, the company has been accused of air pollution at Michigan's Minute Maid plant. Water use has also been an environmental issue where the company has been blamed for the drastic decline in both the quality and quantity of water available to the local villagers and farmers in such places as Kerala.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Coca Cola increasingly adoption of social networks that have different kinds of habits, interest, demographic, and social connections to satisfy its needs. The company's use of social media cannot be ignored since it has a lot of impacts, especially in sales and marketing. Social media is now a tool which helps most of the companies to reach out to most of the worldwide customers. As such, the company can make use of it to know how best it can best excel in its areas of weakness. The company believes in tailoring a great packages and products portfolio based on the socioeconomic demographics of the local markets, the distinctive characteristics of the market, and the participative shared values of all the stakeholders who ensure that the company succeeds (Anders, 2013). The products of the Coca Cola company appeal to all kinds of people despite their ages, genders, and races. It is easily recognized and a visible company whose popularity has grown due to its branding.


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