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Apple company is the American manufacturer with its headquarters in California, USA. It deals with both software as well as hardware. It is best known for its design processes, sales as well as the development processes. Apple company is popularly renown for its relentless efforts regarding habitual renovations. Different innovators have collaborated to ensure that the products supplied in the market are competitive. The kinds of products developed and designed are aligned with satisfying the needs of prospective customers in a broader context. Apple corporation, therefore, values the opinions of the consumer. It is therefore clear that the linkage between the company as well as the consumer of the product is reliable. Creativity is one of the aspects of making Apple company is continuously glowing concerning market perspective in the entire cosmos. Generally, the company emanated as a small venture consisting of three individuals known as Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak. (Aggarwal et al.2016)

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Apple company is renown for the quality of products, some of the hardware products include the iPhone smartphones, it bases on the iOS operating system. It is a combination of a computer, digital camera, iPod, the cellular phone as well as the digitalized camera in the touchscreen interface. It encapsulates various models such as the iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X among others. iMac is also a favorite hardware product of Apple Inc. It is the low-cost version gadget attracting most of the users who have preferred using personal computers due to its magnificent features. ( In Curaj et al.2015) iPad is an Apple tablet; it can function as a primary computer since it has an external keyboard dock or can use the wireless keyboard. Documentations as well can be done on the gadget.

Furthermore, the apple company produces apple watches. It is a smartwatch operating and can be wearable on the wrist. It is designed to pair with a different iOS device thus pushing apple watch content to the appropriate device. It has a sapphire screen utilizing digital screen as well as the touchscreen in the operation of the interface. Apple also manufactures portable laptop computers such as MacBook Pro and Air. (In Curaj et al.2015) It has features distinguishing it from other laptops running from the type of operating system it runs as well as the retinal display it offers, and it is also determined by the density of pixel per inch it has.

Apple television is another favorite product offered by the company, and it connects the consumers assuring them high definition videos either recorded or happening lively. The TVs also gives the consumers a stream of content in digital form from personal computers and other appropriate media through the home share and other compatible devices through the Airplay. (Jin et al.2012)

In the other category of software designed by Apple company, Mac OS is a good example. It is the operating system for Macintosh computers having an interface known as the Aqua erected in a Unix foundation. It has the ability of symmetric multitasking, multi-reading and multitasking hence it depicts its excellent performance.

Apple has a structure for distributing its products and services. It is made possible through the existence of the supply chain. In pertinent, apple purchases materials and components from different suppliers before shipping for assembling in a plant located in China. From that point, the products are then directly sent to the customers via FedEx or UPS after purchasing online in Apple stores. (Kendall et al.2013)

An information system is the interrelationship of components collaboratively working together to facilitate the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of information which then supports coordination, the decision making and also control. It also consists of resources such as the personnel. There is a greater need for the informational Systems in business, and there are mainly four core reasons, it acts as a communicating system. A segment of management gathers as it distributes information thus the information can make the process effective by allowing the managers to communicate rapidly. The mode facilitates collaboration between the top level management and the employees.

The information system necessitates the decision making within an organization. It is achieved by modeling the output of the judgment and deliverance of the needed information. The process of making decisions entails choosing from a vast range of alternatives finally the execution of tasks that correspond. Choice can be created with confidence following the update of the information. Information systems are essential in the keeping of record within an organization; it is needed to suit regulations and activities relating to the finance sector. It is also vital in taking corrective measures where there is a deviation of targets. Therefore, it makes it possible to forecast the financial position of an organization in the future. Information system contributes to the operation management; it is because the nature of management strongly relates to the information in existence. It can offer recent and complete information thus efficient operation of the business.

The information systems in an organization are helpful in running possible scenarios in entirely different business environments. Precautions must be considered before making any step relating to the decision because any minor mistake made in the process affects the entire unit. The information systems aid the executive body in pinpointing some of the critical metrics that can correspondingly change the process of decision making. Data is then presented straightforwardly for the natural aspect of interpretation through graphs. For example, the human resource manager will have the ability to make predictions about the revenue, sales and productivity and profits after retrenching some of the working staff(Salinesi et al2014). Relevant decisions are then made thus positioning the company in a chaos-free condition.

Apple company uses different information systems thus known for its global success. Each information system supports certain organizational level. It includes transaction processing systems (TPS) used at an operational level, the office automation system (OAS) as well as knowledge work systems (KWS) both operating at knowledge base, the management information systems (MIS) and the decision support system (DSS), as well as executive support systems, run at a strategic level. Inline with the transaction processing systems, it is majorly used in recording every aspect of transactions in the apple company beginning from manufacturing unit whereby receipt of goods, shipping, and order of entry is noted down. Some deals also may include billing customers, the hiring of workers within the company as well as record keeping. The office automation systems is a bundle of computers, communication technology and personnel performing the official task. It is necessary for supporting official activities at the same time. Some of the administrative activities available within the office automation systems include mailing among others. It helps in conferencing, creation of reports as well as messages under the managerial unit in apple company.

Knowledge work systems are specialized units integrated to promote creativity regarding knowledge and technical skills. It suits the staff within the apple company in propagating new information and culture through the provision of analytic, document management tools and communication. There is the inclusion of computer-aided design systems, virtual reality and financial workstations within the knowledge work systems.

The management information systems are in there in apple company to support, controlling, planning and the decision-making functions of apple's middle-level managers. The MIS does the extraction of transaction data from the elemental TPS, does the compilation finalizing with the production of informational products in report form. The information provided is essential for the supervision unit and managers thus facilitative efficient and effective process of decision making.

The apple company also has the decision support systems which serves the managerial sector within the organization. It performs the routine of providing middle-level managers with the clues to support their decision making. The systems are endowed with the analytic power exceeding that of other types of information systems.

All types of information systems should be provided by the apple company to facilitate the easy making of the decisions. Routine and strategic choices should necessarily be put in place to promote the general functioning of the company. The relevant staffs in the company delegate ample powers to the low-ranked groups for them to take decisions under the holistic policy structure. The type of decisions affects the objectivity, goals and other different policy matters. The first level of management undertakes tactical and operational decision due to its long-term impacts. The operation decision translates to the routine activities being carried out by the apple company. It encapsulates the manufacturing of Apple products.

The information groups which should be in place are categorized in three, the corporate and division, team, business unit and individual. The corporate information group is mainly useful to the entire organization. It includes procedures, human resource information, policies and online forms. The division, team and business unit is relevant since it blankets the information shared within the entire group. It interpolates the business specific units, the project documentation, minutes of the meeting among others. The individual group level seemingly used by the staff employed within the company.

System automation should be in use to operate various control systems in apple company. There is a vast range of benefits of automation of operations within the apple company, and the company can manage decentralized teams located in different time zones. It is sad that someone can only be at a particular time zone in a specific time, excitingly, the automated systems simplify the work since a company can navigate other parts in managing personnel through system automation. The system automation within the Apple Inc. paves the way for new opportunities of business. For instance, it allows for the capacity to support and configure assets in hidden fields while using the human resources. Apple company can then navigate and attain new consumers of its products.

Furthermore, the system automation allows the company to make better and relevant projections by availing the necessary tools for monitoring data all the times. The data it provides is generally precise and future company's need as well as the income. The system automation also defines the processes of Apple Inc. business. The identification process is the initial step that should be done before undertaking the configurations of automation. It is because it makes a person to visualize and spot the idea entailing what is going on within the business. System automation is known to save and utilize time for the employees within the Apple Inc. It is because of the element of specialization within the company. The system automation eliminates the manipulation of documents in paper form. It is possibly achieved through the availability of digital mode as well as a platform. It tends to optimize time being spent in searching for the information. Generally, the automated system contributes to the increased productivity within the business firm since small amounts of inputs are used to propagate more of the outputs.

The database elements in the case of the apple company are multimedi...

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