Essay Example on Traversing to Work: The Complexity of My Commute

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Date:  2023-01-11


Driving to my place of work is the complex process that I have chosen for this assignment. I drive to my office daily from Monday through Friday unless otherwise. The first step I take is that of turning on the engine; then I check the fuel level. If the fuel is inadequate, I drive to the gas station to get it filled. However, if the fuel is sufficient, I drive straight to work. Upon reaching the office premises, I look for the parking spot. Finding a parking spot is so tedious due to a few parking spaces and many co-workers come to work by private car. If I get a parking space, I park my car and turn off the engine and get to the office.

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Metrics are necessary for each of the flowcharts. The metrics are used in measuring the flowchart process performance. For this scenario, time is the metrics used in measuring the performance of the flowchart process. The metrics used are for showing the time spent to get from home to the office. The time taken is different for every each day of the week and is determined by various factors such as the flow of traffic. Approximately, it takes me averagely 1 hour to get to the office this week. I take 5 minutes to turn on the engine, 2 minutes to check fuel, if there is enough fuel I take 33 minutes to drive to work, upon reaching at the office premises it takes me another 10 minutes looking for parking space, and parking and turning of the engine it takes me 5 minutes. However, when I have insufficient fuel, it takes me 15 minutes to get to the gas station. Also, if I reserve my parking space the 10 minutes wasted in searching the parking space is eliminated.

Control Chart for the Process

Process Improvement Technique

Process improvement refers to the making changes in the present progression to make it easy to understand (Hall, Smith & Wicaksono, 2017). The technique of process improvement to be used for this scenario is process mapping. Process mapping refers to representing the work and identifying the problematic areas and the prospects for the enhancement of the entire process. The difficult connections can be recognized and represented in an extremely discernible, rational, and objective manner. It seeks to detect where the problem is and offers perfection with conjoint decision-making structure. For this case, there are no problematic points since there are no processes above the upper and lower limits. However, improvements can be made by eliminating the time take to travel to the gas station for refill by ensuring that there is enough fuel before the next day. Also, the time wasted for searching for the parking spot can be eliminated by making early reservations by paying in advance for the parking fee.

Judgmental Forecasting

Considering the changes, the entire future process will take approximately fifteen minutes. This represents the estimated time after eliminating the two factors that cause delays; going to the gas station for a refill and looking for the parking space.


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