Coaching: Unlocking Potential Through Listening, Questioning & Building Rapport - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-20


Coaching refers to the ability to assist someone in learning whereby you do not tell somebody what to do; it is their ideas. The late Sir John Withmore defines coaching as a way of helping a person unlock his or her potential to maximize their performance (Burrows,2018). However, there some coaching skills that are applied for the coaching to be successful, and they are, listening, questioning, building rapport, staying focused. Despite the skills being advantageous, they are also disadvantageous in one way or another.

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Listening is the most common in the skills of coaching, as it helps in achieving the maximum of one full potential. In listening, it does not only entail what is said but also what is not getting said; looking is a vital skill in coaching as one has to pay full attention and even to understand any issues well. The advantage of listening is that one is can fully gain what gets coached without much struggle; also, it is easy to understand fast. The third advantages are that there in case of any clarification, it is straightforward as you can ask your question at any time. There are also some disadvantages like an interruption, which affects listening at a high rate. It disrupts attentiveness.

The other skill is questioning it is whereby one freely to ask questions like how, when, why, this is the best heart of great coaching. The main benefit of this skill is that it is one can confirm any issues that are affecting thinking and get the collect answer. However, it also has disadvantages like questioning is one of the most hated ways by humans as they do not like to question as they find it tiresome. Another skill is building rapport; this is the most constructive way to building trust among your trainee. This helps whereby everybody is free to ask questions. The advantage of this is that one feels relaxed as they can interact freely there another one is that fear and personal barrier can get identified. There is also some disadvantage which is some people do not relate well with it, thus making it difficult to train.

The final one is getting focused; this is whereby the coach must be focused during the session and doesn't get into details with others. The advantage of this is that it helps the work to be focused and without much interaction. The disadvantage is that being focused one gets bored quickly. When these skills are applied, the coaching can be more comfortable and entertaining, considered one has the passion, and get dedicated to this coaching. Coaching skills are many, but there are some which are the most basic one which must get implemented for it be effective.


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