Closing a Group: Feelings & Attitudes

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Date:  2023-06-07

Read Chapter 14, "Termination and Evaluation of Groups," in your textbook Social Work with Groups: Comprehensive Practice and Self-Care.

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Based on your reading and observations, respond to the following prompts about your feelings and attitudes toward group endings.

Note: Refer to your assigned readings and materials to support your ideas and thoughts when responding to the following questions.

Group members will experience a range of emotions when leaving a group, just like when any important activity ends. Reflect on and discuss a time when your participation in some activity that was important to you ended. This might have involved leaving a group, such as a sports team or a music group, or even moving away from school friends or family.

Following the scholarship that I was awarded to further my education abroad, I had no alternative to leave my family members. My sisters, brothers, and mom had overreacted about it, and they never wished to let me leave. At the moment of the breaking news, I was excited, and I was so much happy to have gotten a chance to explore a new world. However, my moods changed after I realized that I had to stay for a month without the eyesight of my family members. I generally felt that I required my family more than I wanted the scholarship. My parents pulled together the family and tried to counsel me, but still, I did not want to either leave the family, nor did I wish to lose the scholarship. Finally, I had to leave, and it was a mix of reactions, both happiness, and sadness to leave the family.

Sometimes the leaving event can evoke many types of emotions, and it seems like a bittersweet time. You experience sadness about the ending of the experience, but have memories and feelings that you will cherish as you move on. What are some feelings you've experienced when you have moved on to the next goal or phase in your life? Discuss emotions that were positive and negative about the experience.

In my career progress, I left the family to another state. In the new environment, I used to miss my family and the moments we shared together. Furthermore, my imaginations and segregation that I had in a foreign country instilled more feelings that always reminded me of my sisters and brother at home. It felt bitter about having lost their company and live in isolation that distinguished my loneliness. The continuous state induced stress and depression that affected my performance in the study and therefore had to either quit rejoin the family once more or develop a strategic plan to resist the condition.

Do you think you have let go of the emotions you felt from the ending of the events in the previous prompts? If you believe you did let go of those sad emotions, what do you think helped you do that? If you believe you did not let go of those sad emotions, what strategies do you think you could use to help you move on from the emotional hurt?

It was had to let go of the compassionate feeling I had for my family. However, through the visit of the campus-counseling department, they were able to address my issue and realized that I required forming new friends in a place with whom we could hang around with. The advice enabled me to reduces the feeling and loneliness that I had left my family. I was to create and develop another family member who diverged my bitter experience to happiness with time. We shared a happy moment to the extent of even forgetting my painful experience of leaving my family.

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