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According to Salkind et al. (2006), the term clinical best suits the research process because of the research process involves engagements with challenges as well as new findings to establish a new mark. A researcher participates in active participation with the challenging attributes of projects and topics considered for the study. Further, Salkind et al. (2006) mentioned that the research process is described as cyclical because all research works have universal attributes.

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The Meaning of Replicate and How It Differs From Plagiarism

The term replicate means that a researcher conducts a case study in the same setting and different places, yet the findings are similar. However, plagiarism is a term used in research works when a researcher copy pates the initial tasks from other case studies. Additionally. In plagiarism, a researcher does not conduct case studies on the topic provided, while in replicate findings, a researcher performs an actual survey of the topic provided.

Five Attributes That Characterize High-Quality Research

All high-quality researches have universal features that define them. First and foremost, the study should be founded on rational belief. Additionally, the study should be workable as well as possessing both positive and negative changes in variable quality. High-quality research should also produce new inquiries at the end of the research process. Besides, the study should be universal to other environments.

Model of Scientific Inquiry and How It Guides the Researcher’s Activities

According to Salkind et al. (2006), a model of scientific inquiry should portray a systematic means of arriving at a logical conclusion. The experimental models of investigations are essential in guiding the researcher's activity because it improves their abilities to interrogate the researchable events critically. In other words, the models provide a blueprint of how a research activity should be conducted.

Guidelines to Be Followed When Selecting Important Factors to Be Included in a Research

Salkind al. (2006), posited that the essential factors in all research works provide a theoretical foundation for what should be considered in the research. A researcher should have in mind the main objective of conducting the research. Besides, the statistical merits of research should also guide research activities. Moreover, a researcher should choose an appropriate research methodology based on either qualitative or quantitative approaches. Nonetheless, the timing factor also governs the actions of research works.

Hallmarks of a High-Quality Research

Different and unique features characterize high-quality research. Most of these attributes tend to correlate to one another, and some even overlap. The first characteristic of the study is that they are based on the work of others, which will provide a basis for the subject of the researcher's work. High-quality research should also be one that can be replicated.

Difference Between Non-Experimental and Experimental Research

Non- experimental research examines the relationship between variables under investigation without paying attention to cause-and-effect relationships. It requires that there should not be any treatment of the variables under study. Whereas Experimental examines the cause-and-effect relationship between variables. Therefore, in the experimental research, there is treatment or manipulation of the variables under investigation by the researcher.

The Definition of Theory in Research

A theory is a concept formulated to illustrate, predict, and comprehend different occurrences. Besides, theories challenge and expand an already existing body of knowledge within the emblems of critical evaluation. Moreover, in research works, an approach should state, introduce, and illustrate why research problems exist. Further, Salkind et al. (2006) mentioned that an excellent approach should entail concepts together with their appropriate definitions.

Inappropriate Use of the Term Research

In many cases, people use the term research to mean a method of collecting data, and they fail to give information of value. The inappropriate use of research in this perspective, therefore, falls in valueless data accumulation. However, Salkind et al. (2006) suggested that research work should be cyclical because of the related universal attributes exhibited in all the research projects. The difference in the inappropriate use of the term 'research' therefore falls in the lack of testable variables in the hypothesis.

The Signs of a Complete and Well-Written Hypothesis

Salkind et al. (2006) argued that a reasonable hypothesis should portray a sense of the relationship between different variables. Besides, the thesis should be declarative and should be stated in a precise and straightforward way to understand. Salkind et al. (2006) further posited that a functional theory should be testable through designing related experiments that test the variables in the hypothesis. Lastly, the hypothesis should portray a general topic under study.


Salkind, N. J., & Rainwater, T. (2006). Exploring research. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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