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Classroom assessment is considered a systematic approach to a formative evaluation, mostly used by instructors in determining how well and how much the students are learning. The assessment tools and techniques provide critical information during the semester about learning and teaching for necessary changes to be made. Moreover, the primary purpose of classroom assessment is always to empower students and teachers to improve the learning quality in the classroom via an approach that is mutually beneficial, rooted firmly in good practice, learner-centered, formative, teacher-directed, and context-specific (Airasian, 2011). However, without sufficient plans of assessment, practical classroom activities cannot be conducted. Therefore, this research is premised on outlining an assessment plan that is well-organized and one which is communicated effectively to students, teachers, and parents at large. Also, the purpose of the assessment plan is to make it conducive for students to be assessed continuously without too much instructional time being interrupted while enhancing the learning opportunities for scholars.

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Different types of assessment can be used throughout the school year, and they vary between formative and summative. For instance, students often learn but to test their understanding; teachers have to give them examinations or simple assessments at the end of every unit. The scenario helps not only the students but also teachers in perfecting their teaching and understanding skills through their mode of delivery (Graham, 2015). Moreover, continuous questions can be utilized in determining continuing necessities of modeling, reteaching or changing materials and determining spiral information need throughout the elements that are upcoming. Additionally, a teacher can decide to use various techniques such as making each quarter of the course to consist of pretests, posttest, weekly testing and end of unit assessment to enhance reading and understanding in students (Angelo, & Cross, 2013).

At the start, growth and improvement checks of mid and end of the year can also be conducted using various platforms: The Partnership for Assessment for College and Careers (PARCC), Renaissance Learning Star Assessment and the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). PARCC is considered as a consortium of states that develop assessments measuring the achievement of a student in English Language Arts and simple mathematics for students in grades three to eight and high school. The main aim of this assessment platform is to provide assessments that are of high quality of the progression of the student towards success and postsecondary readiness (Angelo, & Cross, 2013). Renaissance Learning, on the other hand, is learning analytics and software as a service that creates pre-K-5 adaptive assessments and educational software that is cloud-based. Renaissance helps in math, reading, assessment, professional development and integrated instruction for both the students and teachers. Additionally, NWEA is a standardized testing platform that is nationwide that determines the progress of students and engage parents and students in setting a goal for the end-year countrywide standardized test (Angelo, & Cross, 2013).

Communication to Parents

Every parent or guardian needs to be updated on not only their child's performance in school but also the school updates such as fee structures and meetings occasionally. Therefore, one way in which the parents or guardians can be communicated to is through an open house or a meet and greet session during the first week of school opening. Moreover, after every month, there can be nights of curriculum for providing an overview of the school curriculum expectations as well as engaging the parents or guardians in the various curricula their child/children are exposed to in school (Airasian, 2011). During this time, the parents will be provided with a recap of numerous procedures of assessment.

The other effective way where parents will be communicated to is by using data sheets that are personalized via communication folders for review by the parent or guardian. The parents shall be advised to be connected through the "Lamina" application to be receiving notifications on any progress in the school at any time (Stiggins, 2014). For instance, when certain materials regarding instructional strategies and assessments for the home have been passed through the student. The reason for this action is because some students might fail to deliver the right information to their parents and, therefore, through the application, efficiency and up to date information can reach the parent even before their children notices or passes the information (Graham, 2015).

Nonetheless, there can also be the school portal for parents only, where results regarding mid and end of term examinations and continuous assessments will be posted to allow regular access to the updated grades of the students as well as evaluations at any given time. For instance, biweekly reports of students might be sent to the parents or guardians through the portal for the kid's follow up in academics so that they can assist their children in their areas of weakness and for the children to perfect the subjects that they are useful in (Airasian, 2011). Parents, on the other hand, will be reminded of their responsibilities and the student target goals according to their capabilities, for excellent performance and growth as the school terms progress. However, this system of communication must be updated and sent to parents at the beginning of every year, regarding the various types of effective communication to be used at a particular time. Therefore, teachers are forced to utilize orientation and registration before school opening to notify the parents or guardians earlier regarding the systems and process of assessment (Earl, 2012). Thus, everything about the student in school must be updated regularly to enhance efficiency.

Communication and Rationale of the Assessment System

The PARCC test is standardized and most academic institutions nationwide utilize it in deciding the execution level of a child. This type of understanding and test grants instructors, heads and instructional mentors a progress arrangement for scholars. Nevertheless, PARCC assists in customizing learning for each student who enhances good grades by modifying its test inquiries as directed by each student dimension dependent on the way they answer each inquiry. Using this test that is retrieved from the web depending on each zone, each test varies because scholars advance to different grade levels (Earl, 2012). For instance, scholars evaluating K-5 are tested with the PARCC K-5 appraisal in mathematics while scholars are evaluating K-8 proceed with their intended examinations. Therefore, students who acquire facilities that are dependent or recognized, require the school administration to have bolster staff that is well conversant will mathematics so that students might consult them depending on the necessities that are distinguished in each student's instructive arrangement. Additionally, because tests differ according to grades that scholars are in, PARCC identifies an extensive range of shortages, that are effectively and promptly comprehended dependent on the execution of the scholar (Angelo, & Cross, 2013).

Nevertheless, the office often keeps up a pacing emphasis in representing information investigation and appraisal that is essential, which enhances the instructional learning with the help of PARCC. Instructional learning is also used in addressing the students in 5th grade to be passionate and social through closing off a particular time measure for instructional learning investigation and comprehension appraisal (Earl, 2012). Therefore, to be fruitful and successful the school must keep its planned pacing at the beginning of every year. Moreover, back up plans should also be enacted so that the pacing refocuses incase any conditions that are unexpected come up. The idea incorporates spiraling items into the morning work of teachers by diving materials that are discretionary via personal portfolios online that the parents or guardians can access at any time for purposes of advancement throughout the school term.

Nonetheless, the school separates instructional learning that is often dependent on a gathering that is adaptable, learning styles, various insights and instructor drove instructional knowledge. In this case, unique learning styles are distinguished and assorted to be used in the entire school to enhance active learning (Graham, 2015). Therefore, this generated idea addresses an instructional affection that might support the fate of the school's economy through responsibility, interest and duty expansion in individual instructor training that prompts an increase in gainful citizenship. Moreover, the mode of learning in the school, that is, the educational program, is entirely different regarding the changing needs that are standardized as the school focuses on delivering quality education and skills that might eventually help out of class (Stiggins, 2014). Therefore, the school committee which consists of parents, teachers, and students are always requested to contribute in making learning success and the institution as well as the nation successful at large.


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