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Date:  2022-06-23


It looks like an innate and human thing to want to protect life but also sardonic how reasons are found to want to destroy it in self-interest. The discussions and debates around the issue of abortion mainly taking two directions either pro-choice or pro-life. Previously it was whether an abortion could be done or not. However, after the Roe v Ward, it is about whose decision it is to have an abortion. Women were given the choice and liberty to abort as the issue was categorized as a right of privacy under constitutional rights, therefore, the state was restricted not to encroach. Currently, the law states that there is no significant legal barrier to prevent a pregnant woman who wants an abortion for any reason at any stage of her pregnancy.

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Medical practitioners seem to be caught in the middle of this life war and the pro-life inclined medical practitioners being unprotected in this tag of war. Liberty and choice seem to edge to one side and not giving choice to the person who is supposed to perform the procedure because they are supposedly bound by the law. Doctors who choose not to perform abortion procedures due to their pro-life standing find themselves under pressure to terminate the very lives they have given themselves to save. It is sardonic how their call and choice to save lives now put their careers in jeopardy. Donna J Harrison, M.D Executive Director of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists says, "I know students denied residency positions, fully tenured faculty fired for testifying in court cases, defending the lives of their fetal patients, or teaching about the scientific fact of human existence from fertilization. Physicians who practice according to the Hippocratic Oath are expelled from the medical system or prevented from entering it for refusing to cooperate in the killing of their patients" (Rosemary 180). The American Civil Liberties Union launched a project to forcing hospitals to perform abortions hence the practitioner would have no choice in the matter. It would be against humanity laws to force someone to kill another

Equality argument on abortion rights presents a viable argument, on the other hand, scrutinizing the basis of policies and roles passed on anti-abortion presenting the possibility of laws being influenced by suspect judgments on women and not the sole interest of protecting potential life as it may seem. Do government actions like protecting life outside the context of abortion in giving prenatal care as well as job protection to women who want to be mothers or supporting mothers in bringing up the children reflect their cause of protecting potential life? Or could abortion restrictions reflect on traditional sex stereotypes, caregiving or decision making about motherhood? (Seiegel and Siegel 13)

Women especially in western culture have traditionally been identified with nature and in turn nature has been viewed as an object of domination by males (Rosemary 187). Women are fully human and should be valued as such (Elizabeth 23). However, hierarchical dualism brought about a man (male) separating himself from nature and consequently from the female and oppression befell both nature and the woman in a patriarch dominated the world.

Feminist theology strongly criticizes sexism where women are subjected to thinking and acting subordinately based on their sex. Structurally, sexism shows itself as patriarchy where the males exercise dominance over others, who eventually are ranked below them in dominance (Elizabeth, 24)

The sanctity of life cannot be described or defined by a few clauses. Life is connected to diverse entities in a way that destruction of any of the entities will consequently affect the rest. Human beings are viewed as the caretakers of that which has life because we have the capacity to do so. Theologically especially Christian theology states 'Man' here referring to both male and female were given the power to care for life on earth and God, being the creator, wills for all creation including human beings to live in harmony flourishing together. A picture of oneness is created by this mandate were male and female are equal and are one with nature where they both came from and with God, their creator.


Religion has a basic and common principle of harmony, peace, equality, and stewardship regardless of which kind and looks to safeguard life and its components. In the Christian view if the initial harmony of all beings, God, man and nature flourishing in harmony was adopted man(male and female) being a steward of that assigned to them and of kin even with nature then this would lessen the controversies and conflict brought about by wanting to exercise own power or securing personal interest.

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