Personal Essay - My Family Story

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Date:  2021-06-18

On July 24, 1997. I came to life and my parents were so happy, the first year of my life we lived in my grandmother house from my Dad side, but my Mom wasn't as happy as my grandmother, because she wanted her own house. She didn't enjoy living there but she never showed that and she was doing everything that she can to keep my grandmother happy. She used to clean the house for her and help her with cooking food, she might not have been happy doing it but she never says no.

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When I was one year and half, my Dad decide to leave the country and left me and my Mom at my Aunt's house. He must have been sad, but he wanted to go. The decision was taken by my Dad, we couldn't stop him. He went to Germany, it was a long trip for him to get to Germany because he was trying to enter the country illegally and he made it, but in the way to Germany he got kidnapped by random people, so we had to send them money so they can release my Dad, and they did. He lived in Germany for 5 years, he visited us couple times, in the 5 years that he left us, we live with my Aunt all the time, he used to send us and her money every month. He was working so hard there, he was working 16 hours a day so he can make money and send us some to, and after couple months from him being in Germany, my Mom got pregnant but he couldn't come and see my sister, first time he saw hes daughter was when she was 2 years and half old, she didn't call him Dad for the first couple days, but after we all tried to explain for her that this is her Dad and after he got her bunch of toys. then she starts call him Dad. He went back to Germany but after six months he couldnt stay there anymore, so he went back to Iraq.

When he came back, my Dad had the most money in our family, but he wasn't as carefully as my relatives. He tries to open a couple of businesses but he failed in all of them until he got to the point where he has less money than my relatives. But he got himself a decent job and start making a lot of money again but we had to be separate from each other again. He lived in Baghdad and we lived in Erbil but we used to visit each other every one or two months, after couple of years, one day I was sitting in the living room when I heard my Mom screaming and crying, so I rained to ask her what wrong, and she said, They kidnapped your Dad, I asked her who are they, she said that she doesn't know. We never saw him again, I didn't really realize how important he was to us, but every day things start getting harder and harder, and every day I miss him more and more.

In that point, my Mom kept pushing me to finish my education, she says if you finish your education, then you will have better job, and that's true if I will finish my education, then I will live better life. My sister is younger than me and she is smart enough to finish her education. She is the most quiet in the family. She is going to graduate this year, she has been taken extra classes so she can graduate early. She will be graduating one year earlier than what she supposed to. She spoiled little bit more than what she should be, she has to most clothes in the family, and she just get everything she want, even the she is the worst in the family but she still spoiled. This is a short part of my family story, the family who want to live happy life.

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