Can the Bible Be Useful for Learning Punctuation Rules? Essay Example

Date:  2021-04-23 01:50:57
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Punctuation is a relatively modern invention. Requisite for punctuation has been rising over the years as a result of mass education, democratic governments, and literacy. Thus, these little marks that accompany some words and visible in some sentences and paragraph divisions signify the ordinary comprehension skills of readers improving on writing and reading skills. Of these punctuation marks, some which are sophisticated such as dashes, semicolons, parenthesis, colons and question marks have been in use for centuries now. Most notably are in Bibles. Hence, most modern languages that are popular in translations have incorporated sound patterns and punctuations in these bibles. Thus, this paper explores ways in which the Bible can be used to learn punctuations.

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When we are doing write-ups in any given language, certain guidelines on spelling and writing in some language should be in existence. When putting various words together to make a sentence, usually we bring on board other marks that help readers to comprehend how certain words fit together. The Bible is seen to comprise all the useful learning punctuations that will assist readers to comprehend certain rules on punctuations. The Bible brings out its original meaning through the addition of chronology and punctuations. For precision and clarity involving expository writing, the Bible always backs up all the prerogatives with brief and precise references to biblical texts. The Bible does so by citing names of books followed by Chapters and Verse numbers. Through these precisions and clarity ways of punctuations, most readers can follow up the Bible and have the clear and substantive know how on how to punctuate their work.

The Bible is rich in the use of punctuations marks. Anyone reading the Bible can testify the usage of precision and clarity of punctuations marks. The Bible uses some ways in punctuating their writings that most readers can embrace. Most notable ways that the Bible uses and is essential for other individuals to learn include;

The Bible use an accurate list of references. These references not only are used in direct quotes in between biblical text, but it also mentions specific passages. Thus, this method can be borrowed by many when referencing and citing of texts and specific passages in between a paragraph

All work done has to be cited, and citations should come at the end of a sentence (parentheses). After citations, concluding punctuations follows.

Some references are given without parentheses in case there exist an integral section that is being claimed.

The use of "e.g." is rampant in the Bible text which means for example.

Use of colons in between verse numbers and chapters

Use of commas between same chapter and verse numbers

Use of semi colon between verse numbers and chapter references from different chapters

The use of single dash in between verses indicating "from to" that exist within verse numbers and chapter or chapter to chapter that has no verses

Use of long dash that shows "from to" in between different chapters. Or can be in between chapters that have spaces or lacks same spaces.

The Bible teaches us that we don't use periods after names of books have been abbreviated. What should be encouraged is putting spaces in between chapter numbers and abbreviations.

The Bible thus can be seen as a hub that utilizes both punctuations and grammar rules. Its use of these punctuations marks are more than separate and enclose of Bible chapters. It gives its readers a freshly renewed energy on the utilization of these punctuations marks hence most of them can learn from the way they are placed and used in different Bible chapters. As seen from the Bible, appropriate use of punctuation marks can help readers follow the writer's ideas. Good punctuations by the writer are meant to be perceived by the head and at the same time allows recreation of the message intended. Hence, the Bible to be a learning tool of proper punctuation marks usage.


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