Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory and Five Factor Model

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Date:  2022-02-28

From the Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory, Nancy is at the age range stage of Psychosexual Development. According to Freud, this erogenous stage occurs when the sexual interests begin to mature. In the earlier stages of psychosexual development, children tend to focus on themselves most of the time. However, during this range between puberty to death, people start developing an interest in others and being concerned about their welfare. If the completion of the previous stages is successful, the young adult becomes well-balanced, and there is the need to establish a balance between the different aspects of life. The stage explained above facilitates the development of ego and superego. In this case, Nancy is an organized girl and manifests the personality style explained above through her organization.

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From the Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory, the defense mechanism is Andrew using is denial. The denial defense mechanism occurs when one tries to block external events from awareness. For example, if an occurrence is too much to handle, some people tend to experience it. In this case, Andrew has explored his sexual desire in men but strongly opposes gay marriages and talks with disgust about how immoral homosexuality is. He disregards reality and facts although most of the time he behaves in a homophobic manner. He assumes that his feelings towards men do not exist. According to the Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory, many people use the denial tactic to avoid dealing with their painful feelings or some parts of their lives that they do not wish to admit.

Using the Five Factor Model also referred to as the CANOE or OCEAN, the dimension that explains Ezekiel's patterns of thinking, feeling and emotion is neuroticism. The domain of neuroticism in psychology is described as the tendency to get emotional such as anger or depression easily. In other words, neuroticism can be defined as the degree of nervous anxiety. In this case, Ezekiel is a very anxious boy who is exceptionally emotional such that nobody can predict his next reaction. Among the five factors of the model, neuroticism is the only negative domain, and Ezekiel would score highly in it.

Using the Five-Factor Model, the domain that perfectly describes Kyeshia's emotions and patterns of thinking is the openness to experience. The openness to experience factor refers to an appreciation in art, adventure, and being curious to try new things. As describes by her traits, Kyeshia loves engaging herself in other cultures and trying out new food. On the other hand, the girl becomes bored in an environment that has no change. Moreover, she is quick to adapt in new situations, and it excites her. The trait of openness is associated with high academic performance. Kyeshia would score high on the factor since she satisfies all the character traits.

From the Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory, the defense mechanism that Stephanie is using is projection. According to Freud, projection defense mechanism occurs when individuals attribute their feelings and emotions towards others in an unhealthy manner. Most of the feelings projected are likely to cause both harm and guilt. The guilt may be in the form of aggressive sexual thoughts. In such cases, one's superego tells them that a particular vice is wrong and unacceptable, but you continue doing it. In this case, Stephanie is very jealous and regularly accuses her girlfriend of cheating even when there is no reason to doubt the former. Nancy is also attracted to other women and even fantasizes with them although she knows it is wrong.

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