Coca-Cola: An Iconic Global Brand and Market Leader

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Date:  2023-03-26

Coca-Cola is the market leader in the soda pop industry; it is one of the most famous brands in the world. A huge number of the total populace perceives the brand instantly by its red and white Coca-Cola logo. More than 10,000 soda drinks from the Coca-Cola Company are consumed each second by different people across the globe. Coca-Cola was built up in 1886 in Atlanta by John Pemberton (Lindstrom, 2019). Within a couple of years, the company turned into the most known, dominant, and generally disseminated brand on the planet. Coca-Cola is a global giant that enjoys strength that comes with it, and it equally faces every weakness, threat and possible opportunities available in the market as this paper addresses.

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Coca-Cola Strengths

Coca-Cola Company has a solid brand identity. Its soft drinks are the most-selling brand ever. This makes it simple to sell as compared to its competitors. The company has utilized this strength to propel its prosperity throughout the years. It likewise enjoys positioning as the most elevated brand value making it without a doubt one of the most prestigious brands. It was likewise granted the 'most elevated brand value grant' in 2011 by Interbrand (Baah & Bohaker, 2015). A portion of the most selling Coca-Cola brand varieties includes Coco-Cola Vanilla and Cherry Coca-Cola. Its brands are known to reach each way of life and demography. Coca-Cola is viewed as one of the US's most genuinely associated brands because of its extraordinary image affiliation and client devotion. The reliability of the brand extends even to its outside nations and clients. This important brand is related to 'joy' and has solid client faithfulness. Clients can rapidly recognize their specific tastes. Discovering its substitutes is hard for them (Baah & Bohaker, 2015). Besides, Coca-Cola and Fanta have a gigantic fan following than other refreshments brands in the soft drink business.

Coca-Cola Weaknesses

Coca-Cola faces a fierce challenge from Pepsi, which is the greatest opponent of the Coca-Cola Company. Had it not been for Pepsi, Coca-Cola would have been the undisputed market leader in the beverage industry. Cocacola has very low product differentiation, focuses majorly on soft drinks. Whereas Pepsi has produced many snacks like Lays and Kurkure, Coca-Cola lacks in this fragmentation. It gives Pepsi a competitive advantage over Coca-Cola. There is a shortcoming over the tending of the issue of health concerns. Carbonated beverages are one of the significant sources of sugar consumption in many individuals. A few medical clinics have even exhorted individuals from devouring the Coca-Cola items. It brings about two grave medical problems, for example, obesity and diabetes. Numerous healthcare specialists have restricted the utilization of these soda drinks. It is a controversial issue for the organization. In any case, Coca-Cola has not formulated any healthcare option or answer for this issue yet. These shortcomings have been investigated by its competitors, especially Pepsi to its disadvantage (Lindstrom, 2019).

Coca-Cola Opportunities

The Coca-Cola Company can present new items and enhance its segments. Coca-Cola has the chance to present new items in healthcare and nourishment segments like Pepsi. It can add to their income, and they can stretch out from carbonated beverages; along these lines, it can likewise expand nearness in creating countries. Numerous locales with a hot atmosphere have the most noteworthy utilization of cold beverages; they can declare their essence in such regions. Hence, expanding nearness in such areas can be magnificent, like in Middle Eastern and African nations. The Coca-Cola organization can bring a propelled inventory network framework into its business is completely needy upon co-ordinations and store network (Ling, 2017). The issues of transportation expenses and fuel costs are consistently on the ascent. Therefore, concocting some progressed and improved frameworks for circulation can be a chance. It is time the organization tried to give bundled drinking water. Owning these few bundled drinking water brands like Kinley and Dasani has an incredible potential for extension in this portion for Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Threats

Coca-Cola faces the danger of water utilization debate. The organization has confronted numerous reactions over its water, the management issue. Several social and ecological gatherings have asserted that the organization has a huge utilization of water in water-rare areas besides; individuals have asserted that Coca-Cola is contaminating water and blending pesticides in water. The other risk is the bundling debate. Greenpeace rebuffed Coca-Cola in its distributed report in 2017 for its utilization of single-utilize plastic jugs. It has additionally been scrutinized over its reusing and inexhaustible sources. The danger of immediate and backhanded challenge is on the ascent (Ling, 2017). Nonetheless, the direct challenge from Pepsi is clear in the market; in any case, numerous different organizations are by implication rivaling Coca-Cola. Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Tropicana, Lipton Juices, and Nescafe, are the ardent competitors of Coca-Cola which can compromise its market position (Baah & Bohaker, 2015).


Coca Cola has invested energy, money, and branding to turn into the leader. It is in the soft drink industry. Be that as it may, they may fail to spread into other nourishment related roads, enabling Pepsi to possess these different markets easily. They are notable and can utilize their image to spread into creating nations who will welcome the items, particularly on hot and sticky days, when they investigate the accessible chances.

SWOT Analysis Matrix


Solid brand identity

Elevated brand quality and positioning

High brand loyalty

Wide brand reach WEAKNESSES

Aggressive competition

Low product diversification

Serious health concerns


New products to improve segmentation

Increased presence in developing nations

Improved chain and supply system

Packaged drinking water


Water usage issues

The plastic packaging controversy

Direct and indirect rival competition


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