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Date:  2021-04-07

During the delivery of an advert, some activities occur in the brain towards portraying the behavior as triggered by the ad through a set of stimuli. Visual advertisements are transmitted 60,000 times more than any other form of the advert in the brain. Although ads have an impact on their target group, the result differs from one type of delivery to the next. Processing of attention, memory activation, and motivation of emotions represent the activities that occur. However, the rate at which a response is produced shows how fast and the number of events that have taken place in the brain. Neuroscience works towards human behavior in consumption because of the role that the brain plays in the human creation. In both the voluntary and involuntary as well as the set of both the conscious and unconscious reasoning and actions neuroscientific knowledge applies in marketing (Perrachione & Perrachione, 2008).

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Neuroscience and marketing have become two areas of professional applicability that work concurrently. However, the efforts that neuroscience contributes towards branding through the study of consumer behavior has its significant use and cannot be underrated. Continued research will reinforce the relationship established between these two fields.


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