Cancer Case Study: Role and Behavior of a Patient

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2021-06-22

What is Janets primary role?

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Janet has just been diagnosed with a malignant tumor, the release of blood indicate that the tumor is already growing into cancer cells. The first primary role is quitting smoking. Cigarettes have several side effects and Janet is currently suffering from precancerous polyps which have originated from accumulation of free radicals in the smaller intestines.

Identify three other roles Janet plays.

There are other three roles that Janet plays in worsening her medical condition

Poor feeding habits

Lack of regular exercises

Social straining of trying to remain a relevant mother

What are Janets attitudes toward health maintenance and disease prevention?

Janet has been ignorant for a while, in the areas of the health maintenance and disease prevention. Primarily, Janet lacks the slightest idea of the dangers of a bad lifestyle, and even how to cope up in the state of an ailment.

List three self-imposed risks that Janet takes.

First Janet should immediately stop the consumption of foods she is taking. As noted, she is addicted to hamburgers, wings and fries. Most of these foods use complex chemical enrichments to make look delicious and attractive. Secondly, Janet should resume the Gym which she has registered and does not go. While doing regularly exercises, it will be easier to flush out a lot of toxics from the body colon system. Thirdly, Janet should stop bothering too much with her two kids because this creates a feeling of detachment. This way increases stress levels, hence the brain has a more complex function, to manage depression and not fight the cancer.

Describe Janets behavior on arriving at the hospital in terms of the sick role. How should you deal with Janet?

On arriving at the hospital and learning that he has cancer, Janet suffers a major setback, being terrified of surgery. In the current state of mental instability, the body deals with the urgent problem of stress instead of dealing with the cancer, hence making the tumor to grow.

How can you calm her down?

Brunk (2010) advises that the physician should deliver news that are not biased, but are emotional balancing, expressive, and not dominant. First, I will explain to her having cancer is not a death warrant but a notification on the poor lifestyle habit that needs to be rectified. Secondly, I will explain to her that most people live with tumors in their body, only that they do not notice for their entire of the lifetime as the body has a mechanism of dealing with tumors. Thirdly, I will advise her on a lifestyle change plan accompanied with the personal healing strategy that includes a psychological treatment plan.

What problems will Janet face regarding her children over the next few weeks?

First, Janet might be required to change her lifestyle completely, depending on the doctors report; Janet might not being seeing her children after all. First, Janet might be physically disconnected from her children, a fact that causes emotional strain. The strain might be worsened by the thoughts of deaths, as well as normal securities such as food security or college security.


Brunk, D. (2010). Delivering Bad News: Be Clear, Compassionate. Pediatric News, 44(9), 36.

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