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A business strategy refers to the decisions an organization makes to achieve set objectives and effectiveness by utilizing opportunities and mobilizing available resources. It defines how a company will interact with its environment to achieve a competitive edge and achieve a set goal (McGee et al., 2010). The strategy also gives the entire organization a vision and a direction. When a common strategy leads all stakeholders, goals are easily achieved, as there are minimal chances of losing sight of the company's primary aim. Whittaker & Sons is a company that manufactures chocolate, and it is located in New Zealand. It is among the oldest companies that are still running. It has managed to stay competitive in the industry due to its effective business strategy.

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Whittaker Chocolate Company

Whittaker Chocolate Company adopts a corporate strategy of growth; the approach entails an organizational expansion in regards to production, marketing, and quality improvement. The company’s ambition is to become a world-leading chocolate producer from Polirua (StopPress Team, 2017). To accomplish the goal of dominating the world market, WCC has a plan to best all their organizational aspects such as processing, quality of ingredients, and their customer service.

Adapting the growth strategy, the major chocolate producer has enhanced its communication strategies to ensure a stable link between its customers. Whittaker’s has created an impact on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where it is currently represented by more than 750,000 advocates (StopPress Team, 2017). The advocates are responsible for sharing WCC’s passion for chocolate on a daily basis. The approach has enabled the company to increase popularity for their products and discover business gaps in their area of specialty. Additionally, the company has adjusted to new marketing strategies; for instance, the marketing team used Nigella Lawson to create awareness for its Creamy Milk product. The partnership with the popular personality encouraged a variety of chocolate consumers to switch to WCC fine chocolates (StopPress Team, 2017).

Investing in the Quality

Another approach practiced by Whittaker Chocolate Company to facilitate its growth is investing in the quality of products. The company recently adopted a strategy used by major brands in other fields like craft beer. WCC made the new venture by procuring a Swiss 5 Roll Refiner equipment to ensure consistent chocolate particles and improve the texture of its products (StopPress Team, 2017). Whittaker’s chocolate is manufactured using the beans-to-bar procedure that is characterized by controlling the entire process; the aspect ensures high-quality products that make the company unique in the market. In addition, the directors are continuously investing in high-quality equipment from Europe in an attempt to manufacture quality products in the world (StopPress Team, 2017).

Whittaker’s has also capitalized in its labor force to make sure that it is engaged by individuals with the best talents in the business. Recently, the human resource team has sent a number of employees to advance their studies at various international schools. The institutions include Stanford Business School, Schubert school of engineering in Germany, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison to improve their technological skills (StopPress Team, 2017).

In its mission to become a global chocolate producer champion, the company has devised innovations such as creating partnerships with different manufacturers to develop products with higher potential. The first Whittaker’s collaboration product was cocoa-sweet vanilla-based chocolate named L&P Block. After the venture, the company has launched various successful collaborations that include K Bar, Lewis Road Chocolate Milk, and Jelly Tip. WCC also aligned with domestic artisan manufacturers in Zealand with the objective of creating a long-term quality positioning (StopPress Team, 2017).

Corporate Strategy

I agree with Whittaker Chocolate Company’s growth corporate strategy. The approach aligns with the mission and the vision of the company to become the best world producer of chocolate-based products. Using social media networks to advertise their products is a reliable strategy since the online platform is currently the world’s leading marketing podium. Whittaker Chocolate Company is able to stand out in the market by building a good reputation as an authentic chocolate producer. It has maintained the consistency of the chocolate's quality by managing the supply chain to reduce the chances of quality being compromised. The family manages the production process, which plays a significant role in protecting the company's trademark (Whittaker's Chocolate Worldwide, 2020). However, the company must be able to maintain its loyal customers and attract more through product development.


Thus, practicing social responsibility and maintaining ethical standards helps the company to build a strong relationship with the company and community and the customers at large (McDonnell, 2018). I do not support its strategy of choosing to operate in Zealand only. I feel like one operation location is not enough for such a company with such quality products. It has the potential to thrive on the international platform because it is selling authentic chocolate. Even if it exports its chocolate, I think advancing in the global market will help the company explore its optimum potentials.


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