Building Relationships with Student and Family to Enhance Academic Performance - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-24


In the teaching activity, teacher's relationship, as well as that of student and her family, is of the paramount importance. It is also of concern to understand both the linguistic nature of the student as well as his or her cultural difference from the rest. Academic performance is interconnected with the social aspects of a student and his family responsiveness. Also, language is a primary mode of communication that requires perfect encoding and decoding conveyed message from both the teacher and a student (Conroy, 2012). The paper will, therefore, discuss the successful learning processes of students (CLDE) culturally, linguistically, diverse, and exceptional. It will also establish the link between the student, teacher, and student's family.

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Various strategies are employed in successful teaching process for a culturally diverse student. These strategies include employing a solid personal and educative relationship between students and their teacher (Armon & Grassi, 2012). The interaction of the student and teacher should be free and influential in attaining the academic goals. Under the strategy, a teacher should be aware of the cultural diversity of student so that he or she will be able to build strong learning relationship with concerned students. A teacher should be able to flexible in accommodating all the behaviors of a student concerning their diverse cultural nature.

First and foremost, for the effective learning process, the teacher should be able to appreciate and tolerate differences and similarities of the students concerning their cultures (Mehring, 2014). The behavior positivity against certain cultural practice should be developed in teaching. By taking and accepting students, cultural behavior will lead to a strong bond between the teacher and student. The reason is that the student will feel valued and will trust the teacher. In trust-building, effective communication is developed between the teacher and a student. Cognitively, social aspect, and cross-cultural fathoming are induced that gives a student a great experience in the acquisition of knowledge.

Secondly, a teacher should make observations on how a student learns as well as how they tackle a task represent them (Conroy, 2012). For instance, in any task preparation, a teacher should give a student enough time for him or her to organize and draft his or her point in order - the allowance helps in meeting the student's cultural practices and rituals. Their mind runs positively about the task, and therefore they get ready for it.

Thirdly, a teacher should teach students how to react to a different setting (Ramesh, 2011). For instance, it is at informal parties that we behave unofficial while, on the other hand, we behave more official on formal occasions. It is also easy for a student to switch off their behaviors according to differences, cultures, homes, schools, and social settings. Therefore the discussion between the students will be effective because they will be able to switch to a specific behavior in response to their cultural and linguistic diversity.

Fourthly, a teacher should establish a strong relationship with the student's family. The relationship is essential as it incorporates an aspect of socializing and interaction (Wepukhulu, Girma & Lee, 2019). It is through them that the teacher will learn more about the family and their ways of life. The teacher will be able to analytically understand the strength and weakness as well as a child's comprehensive interpretation of language. The relationship between family and teacher is vital since it aids the teacher to induce education in more likelihood of student's culture. Besides, it assists the teacher to actively engage the student in classwork, especially by citing relevant examples from his or her cultural practices. Through that, an exceptional student feels accommodated and part of the class.

Finally, develop instructional strategies. It involves engaging students in a comprehensive, meaningful activity assessment (Qasim, 2013). The teacher should be conversant with second language acquisition principle. It helps him, or she comprehends the language difference and different perception induced in contrast. LCD students develop social language through a created language environment. It implies that student learns to switch or shift their language depending on the setting as well as the people you interact with.


In summary, for active learning to be accrued, there is an excellent responsibility by each of the concern to put on a positive attitude toward learning. However, the teacher is the crucial subject that needs to establish excellent relations as well as inducing the strategic ways in achieving successful education. The teacher plays a central role to ensure there are adequate accommodation and appreciation of a student despite her or his difference in culture or even language representation.


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