Best Buy: Using Customer Centricity to Connect With Consumers Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-19

The atmospherics in the "Jill" stores differ from that of other Best Buy stores. How do these differences relate to gender differences in shopping behaviors and satisfaction?

Jill store is focused on attracting female shoppers, in as much, the marketing technique is concerned with the use of colors and the setting of the products are solely focused on attracting female shoppers. As it is evidenced by the other stores, there is no music playing , and since it has been noted that women do not prefer loud music, there is no music played at the Jill stores. This is aimed towards increasing the number of female shoppers who are known to contribute the highest amount of income towards shopping as well as influence sales. At the Jill store, there is a shopping assistant; these is a person that will help the shopper in getting the product they are looking for with ease and also explain its functionalities, these reduces the time a shopper spends when shopping which is a great deal for the customer.

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What role does the Geek Squad play in Best Buys' customer centricity approach? How does this service affect the consumer's purchase decision? What are the risks involved?

The Geek squad role in Best Buys' customer centricity approach is aimed towards making the consumer feel safe and have a place where they can take their products issues to be fixed especially computers. Through these, the customer can know which products become faulty easiest and which ones are okay. The Geek squad answers most of the customers concerns about product mostly those that are not well known to technology. The risks involved in this is that there will be a decrease in sales of products that are faulty which will hinder the sale of the product in the future.

When considering time as an important situational factor, how does Best Buy try to increase consumer product knowledge, number of purchases, and satisfaction within the in-store experience?

Different isles are coded with different colors which represent different products, and through these, the consumer knows precisely where to look for the intended product thus saving time. The services offered by shopping assistants leave customers satisfied and needing to go back to the store. The Geek squad also educates the customer about the products putting them in a better position to decide what products they might be willing to purchase. The combination of these factors leaves the customer satisfied when they know they have bought the right product, their satisfaction will attract other customers to go buy from the store thus increasing sales.

Based on the store image components discussed in Chapter 17, how do you feel Buy Best is doing on these dimensions? Explain.

Buy Best is doing good on these dimensions since the customer feedback is positive and good. These is evidence by the continuous growth of the store.Develop an advertising campaign to target women based upon the "Jill" store approach.

Welcome to Jill store where technology meets with kitchen and its safe with kids.

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