Steps That the Bid Committee Take to Plan a Successful Bid - Essay Sample

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Research and Planning

The first and the most important process that the committee needs to consider to ensure successful bidding is the research and planning process. This process is where the committee will take to establish the qualification of the country that will enable them to place a successful bid. One of the most significant factors that the committee needs to understand here is that the country needs to have experiences and resources that will meet the requirement of the tournament and that can really attract the contract. Within the planning and the research phase, the committee needs to look at the business plan for the bidding process as a process of ensuring that there is useful information. There is a very significant request to use a proper bid request information and then pull out some of the relevant details from your own business plan and make a move to perfect it so that the committee can be at a position to win the bid.

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Preparing the Bid

When the committee is creating the bid then it will require the executive to customaries their business plan to ensure that the city stands at a position to fulfill the required bid and therefore be at a position to win the tender. The committee needs to consider the cost of the materials, the labor needed together with the period which they need to complete the bidding process. The committee also needs to understand that the bid is not always given to the lowest bidder but is rather to the organization that is at the best position to serve the needs of that particular bid. In relation to this, therefore, the company needs to go through the cost and ensure that they are accurate and justify the cost and the committee must ensure that this is based on the company needs and requirements.

Submit the Bid

Generally, most of the government agencies who are seeking to get a request for quote always use the online portal to enable them to submit their bid and therefore the committee should give it a priority to ensure that their bid goes through. The committee should ensure that they learn and have a clear idea of how the portals work and through this, they may be able to ensure the bidding for the Olympic games goes to the required persons. The committee must ensure that they find the best method of service delivery as this is one of the most important factors to be considered to stand at a position to win the bidding process. Even though the digital platform for bid submission is referred by several organizations, the company must ensure that they carry out proper research since some organization will require a printed form for the bid submission process.

The Presentation Platform

In a situation that you have done all the work that is needed including the pricing of the bid then you might be lucky to have the opportunity to meet with the deciding team which is a very significant step in the bidding process. The committee should be prepared to answer each question that is related to the bid and at the same time provide more information regarding the pricing of the bid and the timeliness of completion of the bid (Zhang, 2014). This is always regarded as the stage where the deciding team can ask you whether it is the final and the best form of the bid that you have presented thus a lot of emphases needs to be given to the bid by the committee before presenting it (ItN Nanovation, 2013). Yang, & Kahng (2006), the committee needs to stand at a position to decide in case there can be a possibility of the adjustment of the bid and inform the deciding committee that you can provide a revised bid. The committee should be sure to detail all that change from the lower side whether it is the labor or the material as this will be a very

Getting the Contract Awarded

The committee must ensure that they follow up and ensure whether the contract was awarded or not. Even though the timeline of awarding the contract is prone to changes, the committee needs to set themselves with calendars and to provide themselves enough time for the adjustment and fulfillment of the contract so that they can get the necessary improvements to enable them to win the bid (Patel, &, Rajgor, 2006). According to Choi (2015), they should be professional and deliver the adjustment in time so that they can secure the award and future bidding awards.

Types of individual that should be included in the bidding committee from the city?

The types of individuals that can best serve this kind of bidding processes include:


Engineers who will ensure that the state of operation of the stadium is perfect and at the same time assist in getting the requirement that will provide a conducive environment to enable the committee to win the contract. They stand out to be the main factor of consideration in that they are related to every aspect of winning the contract due to the factor that they will be the person to prepare and ensure that everything is safe for use.

Procurement Officers

The procurement officers stand to play a very significant role here in that they will manage each step for the preparation of the bid in terms of the management of the finance and other materials in case the tender is awarded.

Steps That the Bid Committee Might Take To Help Convince Its Citizens

The bid committee needs to take very promising steps so that it convinces the city citizens that the bid will have a long run benefit to them. In the solicitation to secure the bid and the procurement work then the organization committee needs to convince the citizens that it has confirmed compliance with the technical requirement of the tender (Zhang, 2014). The committee has to put a proper consideration in the comparison price that is made so that the long-term effect of the same will not interfere with the citizens economically.


The citizens should also be assured that the lowest bid that the committee is committing forth is of preferable choice to still do the required task as this is also stepping towards getting the contract. The result of any bid or even proposal evaluation process is quite dependent on the procurement method together with the procedure that is used to determine the selected contractor and suppliers and therefore this should be keenly considered to convince the citizens of a reasonable income and assurance over the procedure.


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