Benefits of Slide Designs and Visual Aids - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-07-17


Visual aids and slide designs are additions used alongside words to supplement the information relayed in a presentation. Visual aids include images, diagrams, charts, graphs, videos, and films. Slides are mainly used in PowerPoint presentations to an audience. This type of presentation serves great importance to both the speaker and the audience. This paper will, therefore, outline the benefits of slide designs and visual aids.

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Visual aids help in comprehension and recall to the audience (Shabiralyani et al., 2015). Illustrations and seen information assist the audience in apprehending as compared to the speaker addressing theoretically. Hence, seeing improves understanding more than theory and imagination. In the circumstances indicative of the difficulty in making out a point, the speaker can also quickly elaborate on pictorial or other illustrations. Besides, people demonstrate a more exceptional ability to remember seen information and less retention ability of unseen details.

Presentations tend to belong, and the audience can find it tedious and tiresome. With the use of visual aids, the speaker makes the presentation more attractive and exciting to the audience (Yunus et al., 2013). The slide designs and other illustrations catch the undivided attention of the people receiving the information. They find images and other visuals more captivating. It is also more comfortable for the speaker to involve the audience for better delivery of information.

Altogether, slides and visual aids are advantageous to the speaker. Often a speaker freaks out and forgets some of the information intended to be conveyed. The speaker can, therefore, refer to the visual aids which serve as reminders. He or she thus ensures continuity in delivery to the public.

Recently during a business workshop, I learned about production and marketing determinants. With the main focus being demand and supply, different demand and supply graphs were projected with increasing demand due to factors including preference and low price of the commodity, the supply increases. The illustrated demand and supply curve served a better understanding of me. Well outlined shifts to either the right or the left following a change in demand or supply ensured easy understanding and increased memory of the topic.

After the workshop, I could still recall most of the information relayed concerning demand and supply. It has, therefore, be easy to determine what product to supply and make suitable adjustments following changes in the market. This could have been different with nonvisual information.

With the importance associated with visual in delivering public speeches, more speakers should adopt this presentation method. This will ensure improved and secure understanding, higher recall ability. Moreover, the presentation becomes more interesting, and the audience pays more attention.


Shabiralyani, G., Hasan, K. S., Hamad, N., & Iqbal, N. (2015). Impact of Visual Aids in Enhancing the Learning Process Case Research: District Dera Ghazi Khan. Journal of education and practice, 6(19), 226-233.

Yunus, M. M., Salehi, H., & John, D. S. A. (2013). Using visual aids as a motivational tool in enhancing students interest in reading literary texts. arXiv preprint arXiv:1305.6360.

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