What Military Service Means to Me

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Date:  2021-03-06

Back in the early day, it was common to hear about military families. There were households that ensure that every man serves in the army, and this was used as a source of pride for the entire community. Respect and status were gained from such an act. I have to say that my case is slightly different from the typical family life where only men served their country.

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Joining the military is among one of the toughest decisions that I have ever had to make in my life. Years later, I look over my shoulder and wonder what was so difficult about that time. With every passing day, irrespective of the conditions that we had to endure, I started gaining pride in my decision to join the military. With every passing day, I was able to convince myself that I am being molded to become a better person in the nation. I have to admit that not only being a female but on of Hispanic background has its ups and down when one joins. This seemed to matter only in the beginning but after a few months into the system, the feeling of pride is almost intoxicating.

A lot can be learnt from serving in the military for seventeen years. I have to admit that selflessness is among the key characteristics that one ought to have while in the force. Everyone is expected to be their partner's keeper, either in the field or at the base. Selflessness is a force that helps one ensure that people work together, and the person standing next to you can do anything to ensure that you are safe and able to go back to your loved ones.

The Military contributed a lot towards helping me have a better understanding of myself as an individual. While in combat, it is true to say that everything moves so fast. While at the battle front, one is likely to know what they are made of in less than five minutes. The same applies to gaining knowledge of the people around you. Such moments are key to defining who we are and why we joined the force. In my case, going through such moments elevates my feeling of pride and patriotism knowing that I am serving my country to the best of my abilities.

Life in the military is never all about having early morning or late night routines. It is never about being on the battlefield at all times. It also entails creating bonds with comrades. These relationships are key to holding everyone together, even when we lose one or two of our friends. Military life has helped me become a better person even while at home. I have to say that the discipline and sense of commitment instilled in us during training goes a long way into improving our lives in general. The same qualities can be share to our siblings and the community around.

There are a lot of stereotypes that talks about the military, merely judging it from the outside, without taking the time to analyze the roots fully, evaluate what drives people to join, and re-enlist. According to most people, the military is all about carrying guns and ammunitions, engaging in close combats and always being on the frontline of every war, slightly missing missiles and grenades projected by enemies. As much as some of these elements are true, we have to understand that looking at the military and being part of it are two very distinct standpoints. While in the military, elements of selflessness, pride and the urge to serve one's nation is all that matter.


Wood, A. (2014). Serving in the Army.

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