Assistive Technologies for Children With Disabilities: Evidence-Based Strategy for Inclusion and Education

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Date:  2023-01-04

Evidence-Based Strategy for Review: Assistive Technologies for Children with Disabilities: Creating Opportunities for Education, Inclusion, and Participation

Assistive technology has the potential to recognize the need to regard children in a teaching and learning context; therefore, it constitutes a significant aspect of an inclusive environment. Assistive technology creates a broader context of education for children with disability by including various products and the related services that can improve their functioning. The approach can assist in ensuring proper health and development as well as enhancing the participation of children in various life facets. While assistive technology is missing in some academic settings, it is important for children with a disability because it helps them to achieve sufficient educational background and social engagement.

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Some of the specific aspects that can develop in children with the aid of the assistive technology include household tasks, mobility, communication, family relationships, self-care, education, and engagement in recreation and play. This implies that the aspect of the assistive technology is applicable in ensuring an improved quality of life for both a child and their families (Bryant, Smith,& Bryant, 2008). Education sectors and government authorities have realized the potential of this form of assistive environment based on its possibility; as a result, they insist on implementing such technologies in the learning context to ensure that children with disabilities are significantly included.

However, it is fundamental note that assistive technology has been considered missing; however much it is a prerequisite that can help children with disabilities. Many instructors have failed to recognize that it can enable them to lead lives of enjoyment and to exercise their rights. Nevertheless, the national government have intervened in the matter and affected their responsibility of ensuring that the persons with disabilities should be able to access the assistive products, especially technology-based. It, therefore, follows that there is excellent international co-operation to ensure the implementation of the given suggested intervention.

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Corinne Whetstone's Post

Thank you, Whetstone, for your post,

You chose a critical topic to write on, that is about homeless children and scaffolding for success. This must be a sensible choice since many could realize the aspect of the homeless as an essential aspect of disability in the context of learning. The topic of your post can, therefore, be applied by the academic enforcers to extend their inclusive learning approaches to homeless children since they, as well, require exceptional learning. By indicating that they need proper intervention by adults just like any other child with a disability, is a significant step, which means an appropriate recommendation to assist them. Besides, suggesting appropriate strategies with sufficient evidence made the post adequate. It was, generally, a great work.


Bryant, D., Smith, D., & Bryant, B. (2008). Teaching students with special needs in inclusive classrooms (1st ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson A & B.

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