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Date:  2021-04-02 10:06:34
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The body decorations are exhibited in three different forms which include body modification, painting, and ornamentation. The article focuses on the body modification, which represents the permanent decorations that people bear on their bodies. Fresh journey, reveals the modification of the body on a purposeful reconstruction of the corporeal for a symbolic representation of ones thoughts, identity, and relationships. Branding, tattooing, scarification and body piercing are considered to be the more radical and contemporary body modifications.

Statistics revealed that between ten and twenty percent of the North Americans have engaged in some form of tattooing or other types of body modifications which are considered permanent. The data also exhibited that the medication was a cutting issue across all ages, economic status, gender and also ethnicity. Initially, the body modification was associated with evil characters in the society such as gangs and prisoner, but in the late 20th century it has been embraced by all kind of people as a representation of culture and ideology. There is an argument that in the western world, the radicle body modifications are associated with social stigma and deviance is a credible assumption, which limits the analysis of the changes as a legitimate and viable formula for people to express themselves through art.

Neoprimitive is a radicle body medication trend that is currently taking root in Canada. This form is radicle in a special way since it's up to challenge the idea that tattoo, piercing, and scarring stereotyped as a defiance expression. The Neoprimitive challenge people to reexamine the cultural meaning of the body modifications which are considered radicle. The Neoprimitive movement has a particular way of viewing body modification, and they base it on the origin to find the real meaning and value.

The inscriptions on the physical body were vital in political, social, economic, and cultural representation. These symbols according to Chris Shilling definition, were important in constructing the personal self and forming a social identity. Shilling suggested that the body is continuously changing regarding shape and appearance as the basis of reconstruction. Illness is an example of a biological process that leads to the changes in the body in various ways. Fresh journey or what is termed as body projects have been studied by sociologist and have been able to put the subject under different categories which considered radicle and non-radicle. Hyper-muscular body, the transgendered body, and the emaciated body is just a sample of the subjects that have drawn intense interests to the scholars in sociology. These studies dwell to elaborate on the legitimate body modifications to ease the social struggle on the usage of the body.

In conclusion, the article tends to reveal various forms of body modifications and their interpretation in the western societies. It also tends to show the new movement of Neoprimitives, who hold a different perspective on the body medication. Whereas the Society of the West associates it with defiance, the Neoprimitive see it as an avenue for political, economic, social and cultural representation.



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