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Civic participation relates to the act of getting individuals together for the more significant benefit of society (Schneider, 2007). More precisely, a public meeting was defined as a variety of ways in which peoples engage in their communities to form the prospects of their communities and to improve the conditions of other members of the Community (Adler & Goggin, 2005). Shiller (2013) suggests that the way organizations promote group engagement in communities is through collaborations between staff and activity participation. Nevertheless, connections between groups and neighbourhood members tended to focus on micro-level fundraising and voluntary programs, leading to implications for stakeholders. Nonetheless, Handy & Greenspan (2009) indicated that the existence of organizations that embraced them, such as their cultural congregants, is a critical consideration for the involvement of immigrants. A different study has focused on the relationship between human traits and the implications of these traits of public participation and professional growth. Corporations need to understand what makes people more civically engaged in particular public programs. Philanthropic organizations will promote social engagement by providing funds and initiatives that concentrate on community interests.

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Apple Inc. uses different strategies for civic engagement and cultural awareness. First, the company ensures there is alignment in the company's vision values and mission, secondly goals are set about engagement. Apple Inc. also promotes innovation as its vision.

Cultural Awareness

A great business must include a reliable cultural component. Culture is described as a community way of people's everyday rituals, ideologies, practices, and values held by individuals with the same race, language, or belief. Cultural awareness also describes a set of regulations and foundation of what people believe in, and how they express them. Cultural perception is identified as a combination of linguistic skills, cultural knowledge, and connection to subject society. It involves being open to others to understanding other cultures and being able to adjust to changing cultural attitudes. Businesses have a system of practices, processes, and services that reflect those principles and convictions. Culture can impact productivity in a company. Workers with diverse cultures are inspired by various opportunities and respond differently to different supervision and interaction events. In order to incorporate cultural awareness, an internal audit of all internal communication is done. The mission and values should take different cultures into account.

Additionally, a survey should be taken on different employees of all backgrounds. A review is done to establish how employees perceive current organizational culture and strategies to create better cultural values. An institution may also deploy resources needed to bring change in cultural awareness and implementing the change. Evaluation and monitoring of cultural knowledge are also done, which measures the outcome. This helps to adopt diversity cultural competent organization that meets the need of diverse groups.

There is much cultural diversity in an organization; historically, cultural diversity has been subject to inequality and injustice hence the need for cultural awareness. Cultural diversity comprises of a different nationality, marginalized community, religion, native tongue, gender identity, social class, religious convictions. Cultural awareness needs cultural maturity, which ensures that a company can introduce various practices, beliefs, and strategies to cultures to produce better results. Cultural awareness advantages include increased respect and understanding in a corporation. Additionally, it addresses challenges through creative approaches and strategies, promoting fairness and equity. Cultural awareness can also resolve perceptions of misconduct, rivalry, and dispute and also lets workers feel more confident with their jobs.

Under the management of Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook, Apple Inc strives to strengthen its cultural competence to maximize human capital capacity and corporate performance in numerous markets across the globe. Apple Inc. describes a corporate culture and utilizes it as a tool for business planning and efficiency. Fifty-three percent of recent employees in the U.S. come from traditionally under-represented technology communities (Khan, 2015). Women and individuals identifying as African, Latino, Native American, or Native Hawaiian & Certain Pacific Islanders are under-represented. Apple Inc.'s most significant change has been shown in the under-30 and new-hire communities. Apple Inc. also empowers students from most universities at any age to join the company.


Apple Inc. Vision Apple Inc. is dedicated to better technology, delivering the best computer experiences to learners, parents, innovative practitioners, and customers all over the globe through groundbreaking technology and internet services (Apple Inc.2012).

Apple Inc. has a corporate philosophy of innovative creativity. The company's organizational characteristics rely on ensuring a high degree of quality that requires imagination and thought that questions norms and expectations. The core attributes of Apple Inc.'s corporate culture are top-notch performance, ingenuity, progress, mild transparency, and combativeness.

Apple Inc.'s strategic approach continues with the policy of hiring only the finest in the work market. Steve Jobs was reported to have dismissed workers who did not fulfil his standards. The practice starts with Tim Cook. Such a legacy preserves and enhances an organizational culture that encourages, respects, and demands top-notch employee performance. Apple Inc. has institutionalized cultural characteristics in the organization. For starters, the organization has initiatives that identify and promote achievement among employees. Performance is highlighted as a critical driver in the industry, specifically in product design and development, which is a crucial business strategy.

Apple Inc. designs personal computer mac, the most excellent digital devices in the country, combined with OS X, iLife, iWork, and advanced applications. Apple Inc. is driving the streaming music revolution through its iPods and iTunes online shop. Apple Inc. has revolutionized cell technology with its groundbreaking iPhone and AppStore, shaping the future of social communications and iPod gaming systems (Apple Inc.2012).

The cultural attributes of Apple Inc. are related to creative technologies that help to grow the business and its products. Apple Inc. managers encourage creativity across workers 'skills, strengths, and competence. This trait of organizational culture allows the company to achieve sufficient transition, notably in the case of workers involved in product design and manufacturing processes.

Apple Inc. is encouraging exponential development. The company is rated as one of the most innovative businesses in the country(Elliot, 2012). In the strength of this cultural trait, the company trains and encourages employees to improve concerning internal job performance and dedication to product production processes. Swift innovation means that the business strives to launch innovative goods that are competitive and appealing to its target consumers. Companies' values include education, accessibility, supplier responsibility, and privacy inclusion and diversity and the environment. (Apple Inc. 2012).

Privacy is part of the strategy Apple Inc. uses to discourage misuse of proprietary documents or intellectual property rights. It is also a corporate planning tool that lets Apple Inc. leverage its competitive edge. Via corporate culture, employees are encouraged to retain market awareness inside the company. This cultural characteristic is compounded by the laws, legislation, and job agreements of the business.

The Executive Team at Apple Inc., which manages each of the operations, has control over all decision-making. They have meetings every Monday morning for alignment, at which they evaluate the whole organization's vision, values, and mission and ensure that all divisions are on the same page. We analyze goods, methods, and creativity in-depth and take revolutionary decisions on each of them


Cultural Awereness

Apple Inc. has apologized to China for its ill-advised promise practices because they offer an outstanding example of how to resolve ethnic gaps in contact. In 2013, Apple Inc. Manager Timothy Cook made an extraordinary effort to apologize to Chinese customers about their company's service policy and promised to make improvements. Through inclusion and diversification in Apple Inc. has led to the right brand image, this has the increased return investment. Civil engagement can take many forms, including company involvement, individual voluntarism, and government participation. It involves helping in community interest Apple Inc.'s market share asset value and income margin are strong. They have the potential to contribute back to society by encouraging civil participation through advertisement, and an organization can take advantage to promote the products, consequently increasing sales.

Civil engagement

The civil engagement has led to better products in the market world because of employee engagement and society. The result is Apple Inc. has the best and most competitive products leading to increased sales. Feedback survey from customers ensures engagement with the company; improvements are made based on the complaints leading to the customer's satisfaction. Customers' satisfaction affects brand recognition, which improves profit margin.


Corporate social responsibility is not just a philosophy of giving; it is also a valuable tool to improve and benefit a company. Intrinsic rewards are insubstantial incentives or intangible benefits such as gratitude, recognition of improved positioning, and recognizing of workers regardless of their rank.

Internal corporate social responsibility activities are performed in the organization; this may include rewards to employees, which leads to motivation. Rewards involve setting reward policies that lead to customer satisfaction and motivation. Studies indicate that internal CSR may influence employee turnover, recruitment, satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and commitment..literature research suggests that employees are likely to enrol in companies the uphold upright moral values and regulations.

Internal rewards prevent discrimination since promotion is done on merits.additionally, a reward system acts as a guide for hiring and employee benefits laws. Intrinsic factors enable employees to improve their confidence and to grow. Employees are empowered to become creative.

External Reward

External CSR is concerned with activities to improve the concerns of the community and customers. Firms that are involved with external CSR on customers are likely to enhance customers' adaptation to the working conditions of manufacturers and other trade partners in compliance with the permissible protocol, and redress of grievances about them is part of the CSR. In other terms, businesses should focus primarily on the right business relations with their vendors and other company associates engaged in CSR activities products and experience. Companies rely on suppliers and customers to improve extrinsic rewards(Werther and Chandler, 2006).

CSR activities based in communities include activities such as funding on community projects relating to sports and social initiatives like building schools. These activities benefit the society and the company as well. Activities such as reviewing the social progr...

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