Article Review: The Causes of Crises and Appropriate Interventions for People with Dementia

Date:  2021-03-22 13:09:29
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This article focused on the causes of crises and appropriate interventions for people with dementia. The purpose of the text is to identify possible risk factors that may cause people with dementia to get into crisis. The author argues that proper intervention is critical in order to elevate a crisis. It concludes that crises are common for people with dementia because of mental and physical problems as well as caregiver burden.

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This article is very useful because as life expectancy increases, more and more people are growing to old age throughout the world. The articles strength is that it is a research report making it first-hand information and therefore likely to be useful for the population. The major weakness is that the sample for the study was concentrated on a small geographical area and therefore there are likely to be many factors identified in the article that may not work universally. My opinion is that this is a very useful article for the selected topic with important information that can be used for further investigations.

In conclusion, from the article it is clear that interventions such as home adaptations, involvement of friends and family, specialist homecare services, professional healthcare services among others as some of the interventions that can prevent dementia sufferers from going into crisis.


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