Article Analysis Essay on The College of Chinese Wisdom

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Date:  2022-11-19


The article by the name college of the Chinese Wisdom states that young individuals are not supposed to be told to discover themselves since it leads to anxiety and confusion. A young person might be confused on the steps to undertake while discovering their self. The process of identifying oneself is challenging since there is no unified and authentic self to start with while taking procedures of finding themselves. The article encourages young people to follow the Confucius who had recognized earlier that the identities of an individual are always in constant flux. The philosopher named Confucius stated that human kinds are multidimensional creatures who possess emotions which are conflicting hence living in an ever-changing environment. Therefore, the article state that it is dangerous for individuals to look within themselves hence the personality of an individual is determined by their reactions towards each other.

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In the article, Confucius elaborates on some ethics which helps in the determination of a person personality. Human goodness, heartedness and benevolence are some of the attributes which tend to make a human being distinct from others. The three qualities which are discussed by the Confucius gives individuals an attribute of humanity thus being able to provide attention to other persons. A person tends to sacrifice his life so that they can preserve their understanding hence making their lives worth to live. The feeling for the human life dignity is an attribute which is present to every person. Heartedness and goodness of people also promote peace among the societal people hence respecting others personality. The inherent perfectibility of a person enables one to reject some of the actions of humans by satisfying their likes and dislikes.

Confucius who is a philosopher also states that one requires an organized community which helps in expressing the wren. Individuals tend to understand the dos and don'ts in society hence to manage their reactions between themselves. The dos help in promoting unity between them while the don'ts allow individuals not to go against the laws set by the society. The article helps in emphasizing the people's openness to each other thus maintaining them in controlling the adverse reactions in society. The use of respectful language when communicating with each other promotes compatibility between the people. The article has also focused on the appropriate activities which control the doctrines leading to individuals becoming mean. Since the family is termed to be the basic unit in a community, it has to love every member, considerate to some issues which affect it and ensuring loyalty hence promoting an organized society.

Young people are also encouraged to become righteous which helps in moral development. The article allows people to control their ego which assists in preventing reactions in the society. For example, the impersonal ego which exists among people helps in promoting the value of the societal culture. Their ego determines a person's true self. Actions which are carried out in society possess particular consequences that tend to affect the young person's lives differently. The behavior which is shown by the young individuals in culture helps people to learn them and know their mode of living. The article through the encouragement of promoting righteousness helps in ensuring the reasonable and appropriate way of living among the societal people. Therefore, a person tends to behave appropriately due to the respect they have for humanity thus making it their nature.

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