Article Analysis Essay on "Guided Play: Principles and Practices"

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Pages:  3
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Date:  2022-11-15


There are facts incorporated by the author in the above-titled article and which have helped to support main ideas and themes brought forth by the piece. First and foremost, the author has fact thoroughly explained that unfettered exploration, as well as strong curricular activities, are necessary for the young generation due to the competing trends posed in modern childhood education. This means that a child is supposed to be equipped with enough knowledge and skill to cope with the current fast trends. Secondly, with the help of the guided play, then it is possible to respect the child's autonomy as well as allowing them to explore their imagination. This will help to raise an individual who is broad in mind and who tends to conduct most of their activities without much supervision. Therefore, there is the ability of a child to grow to their extreme limits despite the probable challenges. Thirdly, incorporating guided play in the early education will both provide external guidance from the teachers or the professional and at the same time, the approached to be used will be a free play. It is essential to understand that as much as supervision is required for better development of the young ones, it is critical to ensure that the freedom of the child is not compromised. As much as the guidance of the children is essential, so is the ability to freely explore their imagination in which case the guided play provides both.

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According to the article, there is a correlation which exists between crime and plays incorporation in early childhood education. However, it is not apparent for children to engage in criminal activities later in life for a simple logic that they were not actively involved in the play activities in the early stages. There is a small contribution or significance of early childhood education to the possibility of one engaging in criminal activities in the later stages of life.

The article has provided several ideas as well as concepts which trigger the interest in the concepts. The concepts that have been brought forth by the section are previous discussions as well as suggestions all captured to support the main ideas. The first encounter is the reference to the Forbes, magazine where the question "what is the key to prosperity was answered by a simple word, 'play.' The idea draws the interest of understanding how play necessarily contributes to one's success in life. As mentioned in the discussion above, the article has suggested that early childhood training influences the possible life choices made by an individual even at the adult stages. However, it is the bias that the simple tenancy applies to all people assuming then prevailing circumstances. Secondly, the article has elaborated the types of guided play which are two where each one can be used differently as from the other. First, there is the play where active involvement of the adults is responsible for creating the intended setups than actively helping out in the issued activities. The other type involves the innovativeness of the children where adults are supposed to watch as the children incorporate creativeness to develop their activities. Thirdly, the article has explained the importance of guided play to the children and the author explains that there is the ability to guide the child towards their maximum imaginary potential and at the same time securing the child's autonomy.


Weisberg, D. S., Hirsh-Pasek, K., Golinkoff, R. M., Kittredge, A. K., & Klahr, D. (2016). Guided play: Principles and practices. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25(3), 177-182.

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