Article Analysis Essay on Theories of Attachment

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Date:  2022-10-12


Attachment is one of the strongest emotional ties that can develop over time between the primary caregiver and the infant. Hence the reason that read to the experiment that was used to show if an infant lacked the personal attachment to the caregiver or the mother in the early stages of development and growth has high chances of becoming delinquent or even lack affection. The innate habit that all infant is born with is a survival instinct which results in the attachment. This paper is a review on the article "When Strangers Meet": John Bowlby and Harry Harlow on Attachment Behavior"

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The article reviews john Bowlby early life as a psychoanalyst and he was also born in 1907. Bowlby believed that the behavioral problems and other mental health problems are highly attributed to the infant early life and experience. According to Bowlby, the primary caregiver acts like the kid factor of ego or sometimes superego. Bowlby took up Freud's view on the concept of ethological and also maternal care in coming up with the theory. Bowlby the took up this study that stated that attachment only formed if the caregivers respond to the infant's signals and there was time difference between humans and animals and hence according to the article it states that any interruption that can occur during infant development have far worse consequence on the infant physical, the intellectual and also emotional. According to the article Harlow, he studied the behavior of different rhesus monkeys. He applied the used blanket to the baby and associated at to the behavior when the blanket was removed from them. The blanket according to the article is an implication of a care provider. And he concluded that the amounts of money that were denied the behaved distressingly as compared the others who didn't.


According to the author, the deprivation hypothesis coming from children most evidently are a result of maternal deprivation. It's shown to affect children mostly in the institution who seem to been deprived in many various ways. The author argues that there is another form of deprivation that may affect them other than maternal deprivation. Most scholars research has no basics information supporting maternal deprivation to be leading in these maladjustments. For instance, children suffering from tuberculosis under the age of four years were hospitalized. The strict regime was put under control thus the children could not get enough personal care from a parent, as they would visit only once in a week. Later on, as they get along in life, these individuals were compared to those had not been hospitalized. As such, the result shows barely any difference at all. (Collo, 2016) mentioned that Bowlby is seen to confused effects and causes within an association. He explains that various families may be at risk because of poor living environment and condition as well. Another outstanding aspect that he explained is that it will pose the risk of interpersonal relationship to be unsettled. It is evident in the article that Bowlby failed to give disparities kinds of deprivation in a child, hence the relationship between a child a caregiver will result in privation in case of disruption. Further, the author argues out more than most psychologist hold on a fact that attachment is an equally important aspect to children, therefore, deprivation act has an effect and impact to their behavior sometimes. The monotony concept has based on Bowlby aspects that a small amount of separation can lead to certain consequences that he failed to distinguish to the later.

Work cited

McCarthy, Mark A., and Mathew J. Bollier. "Medial patella subluxation: diagnosis and treatment." The Iowa orthopaedic journal 35 (2015): 26.

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