Application Letter for FLAS Fellowship

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  624 Words
Date:  2022-11-21


I have always been fascinated by the Japanese culture, especially, their food. I have visited several sushi restaurants with my parents, and I am always looking out for the next outing to a Japanese sushi restaurant. I first interacted with the Japanese language in the Elementary school, and I studied the language in Middle and High school. I am planning to study Japanese in college at an intermediate level so that I can be able to further my studies in Japan. I took my studies at Waldorf; the curriculum included developing the child holistically and studying a foreign language from the first grade. I was able to know different Japanese foods, songs, and artifacts. Receiving the FLAS fellowship, I will be able to further my studies in Japanese and organizational behavior, this is the study of workplace psychology. At the UW, I plan on taking the intermediate Japanese courses (Japan 211, 212, 213) through this fellowship program. My foundation for these courses will be based on the Japanese language that I studied at the Elementary and High school levels. I intend to work with the Japanese workforce once I complete my studies. There has been a growing number of Japanese workers throughout the United States of America; I hope that through this fellowship, I will be able to help the Japanese workforce in the country and help the workers to be more effective and productive in their different workplaces. Coupling this fellowship with workforce psychology, I will be able to inversely bring Japanese cultural and workforce learning into the United States, this will help in the building of a workplace environment that is better. The Japanese are known to be cohesive, and they have strong work ethics, integrating their culture into the workplace environment will allow companies to be more efficient. The mentality of the Japanese will help the workforce increase their productivity as well as create good relationships.

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Through the FLAS fellowship program, I will be able to develop a deeper understanding about the Japanese language, and by extension, I will also be able to learn about the culture and the lifestyle of the people. By taking Japanese classes, I will be able to have insights on the way the Japanese society is organized, look at the way conduct their business and the way that the Japanese economy performs as compared to the economy of other countries that are similar. I will also be able to understand the political organization of Japan, having this knowledge will help me develop a foundation that is strong and through which I will be able to understand more about the Japanese. Improving my efficiency in the Japanese language will help me in furthering my studies in Japan. I will also use the knowledge that I will gain from the program to advance my career. My career goal is to help the ever-increasing Japanese workforce in the United States of America to achieve efficiency and increase their productivity in the workplace. By incorporating the Japanese culture and concepts into the workplace environment, the Japanese workforce will be able to work in the country comfortably. I will also be able to break some cultural biases such as leaders in Japan have to be men. I have a goal to one day be a top executive in a S&P 500 company that does considerable global business primarily in Asia. I have worked in 4 different companies, and I have been able to see the benefits of having a workforce that is cohesive and one which has efficient communication channels. Studying organizational behavior will allow me to breach the gaps that existed in different companies which makes it hard for the workforce of the organization to work in an environment that is cohesive.

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