Annotated Bibliography on Coaches' Influence on Student-Athlete Motivation, Stress, & Skill

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Date:  2023-02-19

Alexander, A. (2010). Coaching Influences on Student-Athlete Motivation, Stress, and Skill. Tennessee: the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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According to information presented in the article, it is imperative o note that coaches have a direct line to the performance of the athletes and this is not only in the field but also in other sectors such as the academic sectors. Depending on how a coach treats the athlete, there is the comprehension of whether the student will improve with relation to skill or not. For students that improve their communication skills in the field, there is high hope that they also improve their communication skills when it comes to academic matters. It is essential to note that academics are important in the life of everybody regardless of their positions and the activities that they engage in. Ensuring that students always ensure they follow the instructions offered by coaches is very essential and this is because it ensures that they are set for a better life in the future.

Black, S. J., & Weiss, M. R. (1992). The Relationship Among Perceived Coaching Behaviors, Perceptions of Ability, and Motivation in Competitive Age-Group Swimmers. Journal of Sports and Exercise Psychology, 14(3), 309-325.

The article focuses on the behavior of coaches and the manner through which they associate with swimmers is an aspect to review with relation to motivation for these swimmers as they engage in their activities. The research presented here shows that after the consideration of the impact that these coaches have on these athletes, they have been advised to approach these students cautiously. In addition, the coaches noted to communicate with their athletes in a subtle manner and correcting them while encouraging them to have better performing athletes. Young girls in the swimming category and between the ages of 15 and 18 were noted to be the most sensitive and reason for this is the fact that they are at their puberty. The manner through which these young girls are approached by the coaches dictates much about the relationship with the coaches and if they are approached delicately there is the ability to have them motivated. This information appeals to the topic as it focuses on young swimmers that are in the student category.

Fehr, C. (2017). Examining the Coach-Athlete Relationship as a Predictor of NCAA Student-Athlete Satisfaction.

The relationship between an athlete and a coach is very essential in the learning environment. If a coach is very appealing to the athletes such that he or she is always present to offer them assistance, then there is the assurance that the students will gain a sense of satisfaction. The sense of satisfaction comes from the fact that they will understand that their coach is looking out for them. There are groups of students that do not get this satisfaction and this is owing to the fact that they feel as if their coaches neglect them. Some coaches just leave their responsibilities in the hands of other students and the consequence of this is failure of the team and the individual as well. It is always important for a coach to show support for the athletes by being there for them all times.

Kish, C. R., & Woodard, R. J. (2005). The Impact of Positive Motivational Techniques by Coaches on the Achievement Levels of Men's Junior College Basketball Players. Missouri Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 15.

The article is quite effective in the manner through which it focuses on the motivational techniques that coaches can use to have the college basketball players working even more effectively and achieving their goals. In the 21st century, coaches have been associated with basketball in a rather negative manner where they have been stated to push these players even more and having them obtaining injuries. It is vital for coaches to bear in mind the importance of appropriate motivation techniques and the importance of this is ensuring that the players achieve their goals, please their coaches and further advance their careers. The fact that this source has paid attention to the roles that these coaches have is essential for it ensures that people comprehend the state of affairs in contemporary schools. Moreover, it is possible for the coaches and other leaders to improve with regard to the manner that they deal with their students. I find this source applicable very well especially with relation to changes in the modern field activities.

Marcone, M. (2017). The Impact of Coaching Styles on the Motivation and Performance of Athletes: New York: State University of New York

In this article, there is a discussion on how different coaches have varying means through which they address matters relating to their players. Moreover, the manner through which they associate with the players greatly determine the performance of these players. One aspect to review the matter of coaching styles is relating to the coaches that are strict and put tough rules for the players. For such coaches, it is imperative to note that the result of this is not always as projected. Depending on the athlete, the person might be motivated to work hard where they find this as a positive challenge. However, some athletes might find this intimidating and consequently offer some form of resistance. Depending on the coaching style and the particular athlete, it is possible to gauge whether the player is motivated or intimidated. Moreover, the results coming from the coaching styles also greatly determine the effect that different coaching styles have on the athletes. Given the fact that the source discusses issues relating to motivation shows that it is in the scope.

Martin, M. (2018). Comparing Stress Levels and Coping Styles in College Athletes and Non-Athletes. Tennessee: the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Martin offers information relating to how college students that participate in athletics are noted to go through a lot of stress in the contemporary environment and the reason for this is the amount of pressure they get from their teachers and their coaches. Most of these students lack the ability to manage their studies and balance all their responsibilities. It is essential to ensure that there is better management of stress levels for non-athletes in education institutions and reason for stating this is the fact that for the students that focus on their education solely have the ability to manage their activities. It is important to engage in athletics and other sports in a school setting. Through engaging in these extra-curricular activities, it is possible to have a progressive society where there are less stressful issues and there is the ability to unwind after going through long class hours. The ability to manage the pressure from coaches and the learning environment is rather important in stress management amongst athletes. The fact that the article discusses issues relating to college students shows that there is a proper analysis of issues relating to players and coaches.

McGee, M. (2017). Academics and The Student-Athlete: A Mixed Methods Study on The Role of Athletics in The High School Educational Setting. Rowan: Rowan University Press.

In the article, it is possible to review the manner through which different modes of study can impact an athlete in a high school education setting. When athletes engage in different training programs with their coaches, it is critical to note that the consequent of this is rather positive and the reason for this is the fact that they understand different means through which they can comprehend various aspects of the study. Many are times when coaches have been associated with negative impacts on the stress levels of the students. However, some coaches in the contemporary environment have had a positive impact on these students and this is where they encourage them to approach education in a different light. Through attempting to study through different means, students get to comprehend their weak areas and their strong points. Having a comprehension of this is rather imperative in the contemporary environment for it also offers these students a platform to manage their athletic capabilities better. The fact that there is a discussion of academic performance while comparing to coaching is rather imperative in better comprehension of the topic.

Nicholls, A. R., Levy, A. R., Jones, L., Meir, R., Radcliffe, J. N., & Perry, J. L. (2016). Committed Relationships and Enhanced Threat Levels: Perceptions of Coach Behavior, The Coach-Athlete Relationship, Stress Appraisals, and Coping Among Athletes. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 11(1), 16-26.

According to these professionals, the relationship between coaches and athletes greatly depends on the behavior or the character of the coach. Depending on the manner a coach behaves in front of the athletes there is the determination of how the athlete will perform. There are some coaches that do not show their authority when dealing with their athletes. Coaches should ensure that they demand respect from the athletes and the best means to have this is by having the players associating well with each other and understanding what is expected. Another point to review is in relation to threat levels. Despite the fact that an athlete might show a lot of commitment to a course, the manner through which he or she associates with the coach might increase threat levels. If the two characters are extremely open with each other there are chances that threat levels with relation to commitment might be shaky in the contemporary environment. The fact the information comes from a sports journal shows the credibility nature of the source.

Phillips, C. R. (2017). An Evaluation of the Effects of the Coach-Athlete Relationship on Athlete Mental Health. Las Vegas: University of Nevada Las Vegas.

It is critical to note the relationship between a coach and an athlete and the manner through which this might impact the life of this athlete. It is critical to note that this happens often in college athletes where they are at a higher risk of getting stress owing to the coaching tactics introduced by the managers. There are times that these coaches pressure these students to spend numerous hours training and the consequent of this stress is the coaches and the athletes failing to understand each other. The student-athlete has to engage in other actions in their lives to ensure that they balance studies and training. With increased pressure, it becomes rather hard to ensure that they manage their activities well. There are times that the student might even fail in their studies because they are always tired and stressed. It is essential to manage the relationship between coaches and athletes well and ensure that they are not stressed. Mental health issues are well discussed in this article and consequently, it is feasible and can be used effectively to comprehend the topic better.

Roxas, A. (2016). Relationships of Coaching Behaviors to Student-Athlete Well-Being. Virginia: Old Dominion University

The state of mind of athletes is greatly dependent on the relationships that they have with their coaches. Some coaches are rather strict and the consequent of this is having the students always tense around these coaches. It is essential to ensure that students feel comfortable around these coaches because after all, they are their mentors. A coach ought to ensure that he or she exercises some form of authority and this is for the student-athletes to respect this person as a figure in authority. However, they should ensure that they manage the manner through which this is carried out so as not to affe...

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