Paper on Nurse Manager in Critical Care: Passionate and Motivated Candidate

Paper Type:  Cover letter
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  632 Words
Date:  2023-02-11

As a highly organized and motivated nurse who would like to work autonomously to prove my passion for the leadership and management in the nursing profession, I wish to express my interest in the position advertised on your institution's website for a nurse manager in the critical care unit. I am currently looking for a management position with esteemed organizations like yours, and I have been serving as a registered nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where I worked for about three years, and I have gained practical and excellent management and leadership skills. I have adequately learned how to manage staffing, resources, workflow, and how to offer quality care to the patients. Furthermore, I have attended continuing education classes such as diversity and interdisciplinary team collaboration classes, which has enormously helped me in strengthening my leadership and management skills. The principal focus of 500 Acute Care Beds Hospital is to provide quality and excellent patient care, and as a nurse manager, I plan to use the education I have gained coupled with my skills in teamwork, leadership and management to accomplish the company's obligations as I improve my professional development. I will bring to your institutions a wide array of skills, including (Tran et al., 2019):

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  • Communication skills
  • Dedicated to excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect

I firmly believe that I have the essential nurse manager skills to be a successful leader at the critical care unit in your organization and by utilizing my strong nursing experience will prove to be an asset to the organization and effectively contribute to your success sustainability. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position and your requirements for the role further. Kindly contact me at your convenience at (phone), and I look forward to the opportunity to work and contribute to the ongoing success of your institution. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Student Name

Personal Statement

Why I Became a Nurse

Nursing is a highly respected and critical profession in today's society. As a nurse, I can attest that the profession can, at times be challenging and underrated, but the feeling of reward that comes with assisting a patient in living to see another day is exceptionally fulfilling (Weiss, Tappen & Grimley, 2019). However, I chose to become a nurse since I have the intense desire to better and improve the lives of the individuals around me. I have much interest in nursing since it is a hugely satisfying and rewarding profession. Typically, a nurse is required to care for the patients exclusive of any prejudice and integrate all their interpersonal skills in their work, and I firmly believed that I have all the qualities and skills required for nursing.

My Nursing Philosophy

Concerning my philosophy of nursing, I firmly believe that as a nurse, I have a prominent role in caring for my patients as well as their families. I much enjoy supporting and assisting the people in need or are unable to take care of themselves and therefore find my field of work as a life-changing profession. To excellently achieve my nursing philosophy, I would always have in mind that my work primarily concerns patients and their families.

My Vision for the Next Five To Ten Years

My vision as a nurse for the next ten years is to provide top-quality care to my patients and their families. I will utilize all the knowledge gained throughout my nursing experience to work with the patients and ensure adequate care effectively.


Tran, A. N., Nevidjon, B., Derouin, A., Weaver, S., & Bzdak, M. (2019). Reshaping Nursing Workforce Development by Strengthening the Leadership Skills of Advanced Practice Nurses. Journal for nurses in professional development, 35(3), 152-159.

Weiss, S. A., Tappen, R. M., & Grimley, K. (2019). Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management. FA Davis.

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