Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Educators Essay

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Date:  2022-06-17


I would ask the patient to excuse us, and I would speak with the nursing student in private for a few minutes about the acceptable nursing behavior when interacting with patients. I would advise about what comprises appropriate and inappropriate behavior. The nursing student committed an honest error. However, the nursing student needs to know that holding of shoulders may have a different meaning to a Native American especially in a medical setting. Cultural norms involve medical practitioners' behavior may jeopardize the safety of a patient and need to be tackled (Firth-Cozens, Redfern, & Moss, 2004). Advice would assist the nursing student to become conversant with the correct behavior when speaking to a patient.

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The Rationale Behind the Approach

The ability of a nurse to communicate without any hindrance is a pivotal part of nursing practice (Wojciechowski, 2016). Nurses speak to patients from different cultural, education and social background and must retrieve or pass information in a professional and caring way (Wojciechowski, 2016). Therefore, they may not know what is acceptable or unacceptable to Native Americans. The first step of addressing disruptive nursing behavior is based on internal, or self-assessment since one has to understand that nobody deserves to be directly yelled at due to making an error especially when one is doing the job competently (Gessler, Rosenstein, & Ferron, 2012). Therefore it was important not to yell at the nursing student and also essential that the advice is done away from the patient's presence.

The reason I would ask the student for a private chat is that nursing education is both a practical and theoretical training process (Rafiee et al., 2015). The clinical practice offers a student an opportunity to improve professional competence. In the clinical setting, nursing students must learn the required interpersonal and technical skills and appreciate the values and ethics in the medical profession (Rafiee et al., 2015). Correcting an error when it occurs is part of the learning process, and the nursing student should be taught that it's not appropriate to place hands on the shoulders of patients.


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