Admission Essay for BU

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Date:  2022-11-16


Growing up, I have developed a knack for solving mathematical problems. During December 2017, I did a real data analysis project on Coca Cola using both mathematics and economics theory. The real-time analytics would be any gradually updated or refreshed outcomes regarding user events by the client, including website navigation, page views, shopping cart or any other forms of online or digital operation. These forms of data can be extremely significant to enterprises that desire to carry out dynamic analysis and reporting to rapidly react to trends in user norms.

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I chose to study economics at Boston University after understanding that economics is significant in the corporate world. Courses such as economics, financial engineering, as well as statistics helped to increase my knowledge of economics and mathematics. I learned economic theory in terms of macroeconomics and microeconomics will have the potential to apply these models to assess policies and actual world events. Secondly, it helped me to position the data to assess and evaluate global events and assess data through suitable econometric methods. Thirdly, it assisted me to master notion and techniques of linear algebra and calculus and a capacity to recognize and apply these notions to economics and other fields as well as a demonstration of expertise in areas of mathematics.

I would like to transfer to Boston University because it has the most reputable lecturers in economics and mathematics. Also, it hosts one of the most established libraries that favors the economics students. The economics and math program depicts qualities that align with my goals and offers experiences favorable to the pursuit of my interest. For, instance, the economics, and math program provides a wide range of opportunities implying that it would be difficult for me to miss a dentistry internship spot. Moreover, it provides economics and mathematics undergraduates with supervised practice experience. While I am attracted to the range of rotations, I feel a certain affinity for weeks to be spent in the economics and mathematics program. Understanding teeth management in a diversity of settings offers a strong foundation to nurture the skill in the future. I would be inspired by the quick, enthusiastic environment at economics and mathematics program and it would never stop to offer inspiration and career growth.


I strongly feel that the economics and mathematics program (specialization in mathematics) in this reputable university is ideal for developing these skills while preparing me for a managerial role in a global company in the future. I will endeavor to be a true representative of the Boston University throughout my profession, and I will be thankful if granted an opportunity to enroll in this program. I will use my degree to solve the common problems that different companies encounter in their respective management levels. The economics will present to me a diversity of opportunities for me. By possessing competence in the selection criteria, I am destined for success in the economics and mathematics university program. I look ahead to the future of my economics journey with great enthusiasm, strong commitment, and a spirit to advance my training on the level required by your program. I believe that the interest, skills, and experience will bring more outcomes in a mutual benefit relationship. It is my wish that my university application will be reconsidered. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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