Admission Essay Example to the Cyber Security Coding Camp

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Date:  2021-06-21

The rate at which cyber security is growing in the society is taking a rapid dimension and resulting to great financial impacts in the business industry. My interest in the field began three years ago when computer coding was introduced in school. Since then, my interests have been captured in the field. The motivation that drove me in the initiation of small projects are like the creation of websites and simple calculators. However, as computer studies advanced, the specialization has been focused on networking and the internet. It is for the reason that I have a passion for enrolling in cyber security coding camp.

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In the field, my passion is driven towards cyber security risk audit and management. It is within the expectations that I will be in a position to prevent the risks of cyber security. Most importantly, prevent the adverse externalities if my skills are polished in the field. Risk assessment is resourceful in helping to identify the vulnerable network risks, the strategy of prevention and the implementation of feasible solutions. I have further participated in internship programs in different institutions to help enhance my skills in the field.

My long term goals in the career field are to impact the computer industry through enhancement of data and information security. The underlying short-term goals are to enroll in an institution that will help develop my skills in data and information security. Additionally, other short-term goals include the need to develop my career through advancing my knowledge and skills in the field. Admission to the cyber security coding camp will be helpful for the achievement of short-term goals and ultimately the long term goals.

I have conducted research in this field, and it is identifiable that risk assessment skills help the professionals to identify the risks and the vulnerable assets in the context of computer crimes. Therefore, contributes to preventing the emergence of cyber-security in the society. Furthermore, during the research, I identified that there are many underlying gaps in the job market due to the rapid growth rates in the security crimes. Although technology is resourceful in the reduction of the problem, there is need of personnel to aid in the problem.

Furthermore, research holds that the impacts of cyber crimes in the computer field has been intense and thus affects the success of many enterprises. Although technology aids in the prevention of the cyber crimes, there still need for professional assistance in the field. If granted the chance to develop my skills in the field, it will be resourceful to help achieve my long term goals of prevention of computer crimes.

If offered an opportunity to participate in this area, it will be my pleasure as it will make me a resourceful asset in the prevention of the adverse risks that many businesses suffer. I have a great passion in the field and have a self-driven spirit, and through your assistance, I will offer maximum cooperation to help develop my skills in the area without compromise. I hope my passions and interest in the field depict my capabilities. I look forward to the approval of admission to the cyber security coding camp. If granted the opportunity it will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Gregory, K. (2015). Transforming Cyber Security. Adventure Works Press.

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