Addiction Models Essay Example

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Date:  2022-06-06

There has been the development of some models to explain the concept of addiction, and they include the biological model, the social model, and the psychological model (Doweiko, 2012). The feature of the biological model is characterized the presence of an addiction gene. The model focuses on the biology behind addition and how a person's vulnerability and disposition can increase their chances of addition (Doweiko, 2012). The social model focuses on the society and how its structures impact on an individual resulting in addiction. The emphasis of the model is on social norms and how addiction is considered deviance. Additionally, it looks at various societal factors such as peer pressure, the presence of addiction materials and peer influence among others factors linked to addition and its advancement. The model aids in the determination of associations that are labeled appropriate or inappropriate concerning addition and how the associations can impact addiction. There is also the psychological model that entails human cognition and how they handle stress (Doweiko, 2012). It features the various associations that impact on people's emotions and how this can result in addiction. There is focus on the association of people with others in the society and with God too. The model tries to understand how cognition and behavior relate and how this may have implication on the thinking process and how to deal with stress (Doweiko, 2012).

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The integration of these three models results in the formulation of a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model which incorporates the features of these models (Horvath, et al., 2018). Considering all these theoretical perspectives, they all try to determine the factors concerning addiction. However, each of the perspectives falls short in explaining the facets of addiction. However, there is the disease of the human spirit model which explains that as humans get into burdens of life and they are ungrounded with voids in the world, they start feeling pity and become susceptible to the inwardly sinful nature (Horvath, et al., 2018). It expounds that people begin with hope and faith and start using drugs after exposure to worldly ills. It is meant to fill the voids that have been perceived in their lives or to ease the pain they are experiencing. The model provides insight regarding the addiction of the soul and aids in development and promotion of values during withdrawal (Thombs & Osborn, 2013).

Evaluating spiritual bankrupt and void in relations to an addict, the common theme that emerges is despair. Desperation makes people only think of the present events. It is important to note that human beings are spiritually categorized in their active or passive association with God (Doweiko, 2012). In situation an individual experiences spiritual bankruptcy, it means they have lost their moral direction and forces them to make poor decisions that only favors them. In this case, they have adopted a passive relationship with God.


In conclusion, my biblical perspective impacts on my ability to develop, use resources appropriately and understand issues logically. It is of utmost importance in the development of an understanding of factors thereby establishing associations. It, therefore, means that as an individual, I understand the essence of admission. Ultimately, I can have an understanding of facts concerning addiction as a spiritual ailment. Addiction impacts on an individual's physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.


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