My Cure for Social Anxiety Disorder

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Date:  2021-03-05

That morning began a little different. I was up two hours earlier than my usual time of waking up. The only reason behind this very unusual happening is an event that was scheduled in the morning hours of an entrepreneurship expo in our school. I was never as tensed as I was that specific morning. I was under the self-pressure of putting up all I could in order to achieve the best and not disappoint myself and all the fellow students who looked upon me. I was courting a monster in disguise. The pressure I had inflicted upon myself later turned out to be the detrimental reason behind the anxiety disorder that I got diagnosed with.

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Ten minutes prior to my speech, I was still striving to master the most fundamental points of my speech. Still tensed, I drafted a simple note that would act as a secret guideline during my speech. Few moments later I was delivering a speech based on innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. During the speech, I accidentally stuttered upon a certain simple German term. That was the genesis of my worst nightmare. In both fear and panic, I ran short of ideas and words as my mouth fell agape. The monster was slowly revealing itself. Suppose the audience would not have stopped and applauded at that specific moment, I would have wished to vanish to save myself the humiliation.

Away from the audience, I pondered at the thought of the perception of my fellow students concerning the word I had just stuttered. Few days later I was still dreading at that thought and that was the moment I went to seek the advice of a medical expert. I was referred to a psychotherapist. Once with the psychotherapist, I shared all the symptoms I had experienced since I got promoted in school. According to Doctor Einstein, I began experiencing anxiety due to the pressure I had mounted on myself. I recall blushing at my fellow students and that is when every detail began unravelling. What I feared most was in the offing. This feeling could as well be alluded as a dreaded monster. The mystery was slowly being solved. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder which has physical symptoms such as excessive sweating, stammering, blushing and nausea. These were the exact symptoms I have exhibited a few days after I left the concert.

After the diagnosis the doctor was first to share both the good and bad news. The good news was that the disorder was treatable and the bad news was that this kind of disorder is worsened by alcoholism and drug usage and abuse. The doctor claimed that there were two types of treatment. The first was the cognitive therapy whose cardinal objective is to do away with social phobia through the alteration of the manner in which an individual reacts to all situations in life. The second type of treatment is seeking medication, which is only recommended to failed subjects of cognitive therapy. In one of the therapy sessions I began attending, I learnt from Doctor Einstein that what caused the panic and fear attacks during all the days of studying in school was the fear to fail below people's expectations.

As part of the medication procedures, the Doctor had prescribed for me antidepressants and serotonin reuptake inhibitors which play a massive role in ensuring that all attempts to get me depressed would be stifled and kept at their low. It is beyond any doubt that the medicine that the doctor prescribed such as Paxil and paroxetine were effective since my medical report reported that I was experiencing lesser instances of anxiety. That is how I am recovering from my anxiety disorders. I came up with this speech with the hope that I would make a difference in the society by enlightening the society on how best to fight the monster of social anxiety disorder.

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