Essay on Gender Differences in Self-Esteem, Anxiety, and Boredom: Considerations for Exercise

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Date:  2023-02-11

In their study on self-esteem, Stupnisky et al. (2013) found that females reported lower self-esteem, anxiety, and boredom than males. Therefore, an equal number of participants in this exercise would be more considerable and probably more effective. They also found that boys scored significantly higher in self-esteem, while girls scored significantly higher in academic achievement. Such interrelations between the different genders involved also imply the need for carful development of the incentives.

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The internal consistency is evaluated by utilizing the different measurement tools whose accuracy is distinguishable across different statistical evaluation procedures. However, most of the outcomes were relevant to the most recent literature in this field. These measurement strategies proved to be effective in the estimation of the varying concepts and factors evaluated in this research.

A quantitative approach was assumed for this study in attempt to acquire critical details about the varying issues of concern. Quantitative method is adequate in constructing statistical models to clarify what was observed through the study. In evaluating the effect Anxiety had on self-esteem when mediated by teachers' leadership behavior, and Grit, this study utilized a cross-sectional quantitative method. It involved collecting data in an online, Google format. Data collection is one of the sensitive parts of the study since its accuracy would most probably predict the next level of research attainments.

The lack of incentives during the recruitment process would help a person form a basic understanding of the type of students chosen to participate in the study. It would take a long period to try and identify the different levels of motivation that prompted the students to engage or not engage in the study. Such an issue is a clear indication of the need for in-depth studies that would venture in the cognitive development amongst students as well as other factors of interest in the field of psychology. The need for further research whenever events when incentives and motivations are involved.

The research has been able to develop statistical information that implies correlations between the different variables in the study. The research identified 5 out of the six indicators of interest could manifest themselves within self-esteem. In other words, self-esteem amongst students is continuously impacted by the different variables examined in the research. Nevertheless, the correlations of respondents' anxiety with teachers' leadership behavior were not significant.

Leadership behavior does not seem to imply significant impacts on anxiety. Such realizations indicate that teachers at different levels have done their best to try and limit the level of anxiety they may inspire amongst the students. However, such results may also indicate that there is a need for a more profound re-evaluation of data. In addition to the reassessment, some more participants may be added to ensure for the enlargement of the data scope.

A more in-depth theoretical approach is also needed to enable the establishment of a better understanding of the different variables and theories involved. Such information would be helpful in the interpretation of the different outcomes resulting from the study. A better understanding of the various approaches and variables is critical, regardless of the correlations involved. The essence is observed through the different misinterpretations amongst teachers that contribute significantly to poor resolutions.

The respondents indicated different results in regards to correlations amongst the variables involved. The first interpretation of such outcomes implies stronger manifestation of the various indicators. For example, grit indicators are commonly stronger as attributed to certain variables as compared to others. This aspect of moderation is also irrelevant while assigned to a given variable. Established theories also need to be utilized regularly after their invention to identify their effectiveness as well as their weaknesses.

The student's self-esteem is also said to have continuously been affected by anxiety. This study has identified a Pearson's correlation coefficient of .176 between the two. Simple linear regression showed a significant relationship between self-esteem and fear (p < 0.01). The slope coefficient for anxiety was .101, so students' self-esteem increases by .176. The regression value was R2= .031, F (1, 313) = 10.054, p=.002 so 3.1 % of the variation in self-esteem can be explained by the model containing only anxiety. The scatterplot of standardized predicted values versus standardized residuals showed that the data met the assumptions of homogeneity of variance and linearity, and the residuals were approximately normally distributed.

The relationship described above indicates a positive relationship between anxiety and self-esteem. Students with less anxiety were observed to demonstrate higher standards of self-esteem. The relationship between the two variables is a clear indication that there are significant indicators of each variable within the other.

Despite the unalike mental and physical conditions associated with different individuals worldwide, anxiety has been explicitly indicated within the different variables implying both complex and identifiable indications. The regression value indicates very close relations between anxiety and self-esteem.

The results of the study also indicate that when grits are low, there is a significant positive relationship between students' anxiety and teachers' leadership behavior. In other words, teachers have played a significant part while instigating mediation on the impacts of anxiety on students whose grit was low. This could also be interpreted to mean that students who lacked the various indicators of grit considered teachers to be their critical support systems. Students with the ability to persevere under overcome severe conditions did not show significant dependability while compared with their teachers. When grits are high, there is no significant relationship between students' anxiety and teachers' leadership behavior. Teachers' leadership did not seem to matter across the populace with higher levels of grit.

The interaction of students' grit and their anxiety negatively predicted teachers' leadership behavior. Poor leadership amongst teachers, in this case, seem to imply several indicators in grit and anxiety. Still, in the context of self-esteem for academic performance, grit is used as an implication of perseverance and passion for a long-term goal.

In an attempt to establish a better understanding of grit, one may need to develop an understanding of various aspects critical to humanity. The trait and motivation theories are some of the interesting theories that proved to be of significant concern in this study. The definition of a trait is characterized by a series of other concepts which are used to establish an insightful description system. A trait can be described as a moderately steady characteristic which constitutes significant consistency towards a specific behavior. Theorists in this area believe that every person possesses a subset of traits from a universal prospect of traits. Allport developed a theory that describes several categories of traits which build up an individual's character. These three characters include cardinal, central, and secondary. Cardinal traits are the most potent and influential traits in an individual.

The motive perspective is one of the most exciting theories that educates across several critic concepts. The motivation theory seeks to understand why people do things at all. Some of these reasons can be emotional or social. Instinct is one of the concepts developed under its central argument that some tendencies are naturally instigated. For instance, some of them spontaneously initiated abilities across a particular species include the need of a child to suckle on his or her mother's teats. Drive reduction is one of the other concepts that can help in defining the motive theory since it suggests a relationship between the body and the biological needs it may have.

It is a complex process through which an individual's personality is identified. There are differences observed between motive perspective theory and trait perspective theories (Hergenhahn, 2007). The trait perspective theory tries to identify the patterns through which person behaviors establish consistency, while the motive theory tries to answer why these behaviors are inherent amongst humans. In other words, the trait theory seeks to identify distinct behaviors and their consistency at different levels while the trait concept tries to recognize the relatively stable characteristics while the motive theory focuses on realizing the driving forces behind those characteristics and at the same time identifying different concerns amongst humans that affect the human body.

One can be motivated by acts of another individual to divert or choose the course of their life. Humans, as social beings, tend to observe the actions of others, and then evaluate the outcomes from which they make decisions. The media illustrates the real-life situations that every teenager may be involved in. Therefore, how the media portrays its message regarding violence or immorality amongst the youth should be done with discretion. Some unlawful acts may be appealing to some social groups depending on how they are represented. Every criminal deed represented by media should only display the negative aspects of the actions. Nevertheless, not all children would be negatively affected by social learning theory.

Athletes are some of the individuals who have powerfully inspire youngsters to follow their paths. However, sometimes teenagers get too much obsessed with the role models that they forget they are normal humans. Therefore, they may get heartbroken whenever an athlete is caught using drugs to boost their ability to perform athletes must portray honesty and professionalism all the time. Teenagers capture and embrace the negative traits of their role models. Some of the role models whom I have admired since I was a kid are actors and various television stars. My primary interest was based on how they were able to separate their healthy lives from their acting lives. However, I was keen enough only to master the positive aspects of their lives. I always ted my best not to be carried away by the fantasies they used to create.

There are specific concepts closely associated with each of the two perspectives that can help identify the power that each has when it comes to defining personality and the prediction of human behavior. For instance, the motive concept focuses on the essential aspects of humanity that contribute significantly toward their behaviors. As identified in the process of defining the motive perspective, there is a wide range of reasons that can help validate the relevant arguments (Roberts, 2003). These reasons are provided in an attempt to avoid a significant number of fallacies that may come as a result of misguided interpretations. It is a complete process through which desire is descri...

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