Academic Integrity: Avoid Plagiarism and Respect Intellectual Property - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-27


Academic Integrity highlights plagiarism as something unethical. It entails directly stealing someone else ideas and work that is original without their consent (Campbell, 27). Although plagiarism is a common issue in writing, avoiding it is ease. Individuals expect to live following divinely established laws, and in doing so, people can respect intellectual material and properties (Campbell, 28). Therefore, an individual needs to credit someone else works by properly citing them as the original owners of the ideas. Besides, we are accountable for stealing - divine law interpretation. Thus, plagiarism is deceiving the user of the work that you are the sole owner of the material something that is against our divine laws - "bearing falls witness" (Campbell, 28).

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Although not all cases of academic integrity are intentional, some occur as a result of carelessness (Campbell, 28). For instance, using sources without crediting the sole owner the required honor counts as dishonest and unethical. Using a work forgetting to acknowledge the owner counts unethical (Campbell, 28). Accordingly, plagiarism can occur as a result of procrastination that finally lands a student in hasty work with plagiarized shortcuts (p. 28). Besides, taking these short cuts is contrary to Christian expectation which advocates for working heartily knowing that we do not work for men but the Lord (p. 28).

Because the effect of unethical writing is evident, it is essential to guard against the act. Different strategies are available for minimizing or avoiding plagiarism (p. 29). For instance, proper citing the text in the working document, providing the source link along with the references (p. 29). Additionally, locating a forgotten citation is significant and where forgotten or not possible it is better to eliminate the text. Altogether, keeping research, material a physical notebook is significant in ensuring that material to be cited is not easily forgotten, this method is high yielding and therefore recommended (Campbell, 32). By doing that, the preservation of academic integrity as well as conscience.

To be able to meet all standards in quality, ethical writing, it is essential for students to understand how to conduct proper research. It is important to realize that all the researches are guided by designs (Campbell, 30). However, to be able to give a clear understanding of the topic, there must be either a problem or a question to address. There must be a plan that follows procedure along with assumptions in analysis, and collection of data (p. 31). Besides, there must be components that are significant in reflecting the research including a statement purpose, assumptions, methodology, and plan of work (p. 32).

Additionally, an outline off the research through a proposal is necessary as they are the bigger idea of the research (Campbell, 33). The proposal should be specific and persuasive hence building efforts at the various components of interest. In designing the proposal, important components should be incorporated including; an introduction, literature review, procedures (methodology, and theoretical framework), and a conclusion (Campbell, 34). An appendix may be provided to supplement the material in this section while making sure not to forget a list of sources used (references).

Work Cited

Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs. "Incorporating Existing Research into Writing: A Rhetoric Process." (1978).

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