Academic Development Evaluation Paper

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Wordcount:  522 Words
Date:  2022-04-04

The steps I have completed in this piece of work include:

  • I have learned and understood the principles lying behind complementary therapies as well as their usages in caring for patients.
  • Understanding what roles complementary treatment plays in relation to conventional therapies.
  • I have analysed the evidence of efficacy of the complementary treatments in sustaining the well-being and sustaining health.
  • I have evaluated the systems responsible for regulating the use of complementary therapies.

Something I did not understand about one or any of the assignment tasks were:

Out of the research I conducted on the topic, I was able to understand everything about the assignment. However, it was difficult to establish whether all countries in the world enact the policies of WHO on the use of complementary therapies.

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Something I am going to change/correct/add/remove in the future that I have learned from this piece of work is:

I learned a lot of things in this piece of work. The things I learned included the scope of regulating complementary therapies, the attitudes of both patients and health professionals as well as why people chose to use complementary therapies to heal their illnesses. Before this piece of work, I had no Idea on the scope of complementary therapies. My perception regarding the use of complementary therapies has changed, and therefore I have developed some positive attitudes towards the approach of treating diseases.

One concept I have learned from this task is:

I have learned that complementary therapy approach is widely gaining popularity among patients as well as the health professionals, and thus a majority of the world's population is advocating for complementary therapy as a supportive treatment alongside orthodox treatment.

This piece of work demonstrates that I can (list the criteria):

  • I can now advice on the use of complementary therapy,
  • Advocate for the use of complementary therapies.
  • Recommend what should be done to improve the regulatory bodies on the use of complementary therapies.

I can improve my work by:

I can make significant improvements in my work by doing extensive research on the same topic as well as looking for peer reviews on my work.

After reviewing this assignment, I would now like to achieve (define revised goals):

Carry out a thorough evaluation regarding the regulatory bodies on the use of complementary therapies.

I would like to do this because (explanation):

Understanding more about why the approach of treatment should be regulated will significantly help me get the scope of the treatment approach.

What would be the difference to the outcome (if any) if I had prepared more carefully / taken it more seriously?

Preparing well on evaluating the regulatory bodies concerned with controlling complementary therapies would have helped me understand more about the scope of using complementary treatment.

Where can I go from here in my academic development?

  • I can now advice and make recommendations on the best approaches to use in treating patients.
  • I can advise and recommend on it is important to consider professional consent on the use of complementary therapies.
  • I can now recommend the reasons why it is essential to use treatment approaches that are evidence-based.

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