Essay Sample on Good Leaders: A Uniquely Composed Picture

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Date:  2023-10-01


Many people define leadership based on their own experiences. Their sense of being a leader is mostly formed by the type of leaders they come into contact with in politics, schools, sports, churches, society, and family. While leadership styles and leadership theories provide direction about our thinking on leadership, the reality is that people view leadership differently and uniquely, thus compose a good leader picture out of their understanding. My intellect of leadership is based on the instances I have seen and experienced from individuals I appreciate. In my case, the best kind of leadership I have received is from my parents. They have established on how-to guide, nurture, instruct, assist, inspire, and teach, which makes me feel that they did their best to make me the person I am today. Their guidance has taught me a lot, like setting goals and ensuring that my life has meaning, purpose, and direction.

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My Leadership

My leadership is based on the values of servant leadership. As a leader, you should be able to set a precise example for others and lead by putting your team needs first. When the team members feel skillfully and personally fulfilled, their quality production goes high and work more productively and competently. Workers' collaboration and satisfaction are of more important perceptions in this style of leadership. However, as a leader, I portray the traits that I want and anticipate from others. More also, I am always willing to dedicate myself to my supporters, enabling them to achieve their objectives. Service leadership puts me at my supporters' service and promotes dedication, generosity, and understanding among the leadership traits that I admire most.

My leadership is like a manifesto that guides me in characterizing individuals and showing others what is important to them. My leadership does not conform to other people's ideologies; rather, the extension lead of values that I hold and attempts to uphold in my own life. Creating a working background where my employees feel that they have permission to contribute and inspired is my priority. Being active when listening to them, compassion and transparency help me understand their opinions and views better, thus showing them how their opinions and contributions are important. My team members are more than workers, and I understand that when my team is happy and satisfied in their individual lives, it contributes to their proficient life. Showing care and helping them solve some of their issues makes me feel motivated too. More also, I do put into account leading by example and providing my team with chances to advance and grow.


In conclusion, leadership is a vital part of our life. Generally, effective leaders are manifested in churches, schools, social groups in an individual's life and workplaces. Every person must be a leader of his life as he becomes an adult and can make his own decisions. What makes someone a successful leader in this honor is his ability to inspire, access, achieve, energize, and finally decide what is excellent for both his followers and himself. Additionally, leaders must be bold and make blameless judgments. They must be reflective and show expressive cleverness skills to consider numerous points of view and see how they and their supporters can benefit from detached reproach. Leaders are necessities to organizations and can aid in transforming the organization's philosophy that is dysfunctional into a positive, rewarding, and successful one.

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