Abstract Concept: Joy Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-15

There is a great correlation between joy and pleasure that requires a little more intense explanation to differentiate. Generally, joy is an intense feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Usually, it is believed that joy is a great and intense version of pleasure that is arrived at through taking the happiness of an individual deeper. That is, pleasure and joy lie on the similar road only that to find joy, one is supposed to go a little yonder on the track. For instance, to attain joy, then there must be a continuous feeling of pleasure over some reasonable amount of time. It is not obvious to determine the effects, importance, traits and exact paths that describe joy. However, this narrative strives to break this quandary by defining the great and from more personal experiences how it can be felt including sources and reasons for joy over a certain period. There are different definitions of joy, but all of them narrows down to the intense feeling of great pressure as well as happiness.

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To give a version of joy, it is important to first relate it as per the age. Children do experience much joy as opposed to adults. Young people do not have many preferences, and like hence there are very few things that disappoint them (Smith 5-7). For example, a child will always enjoy any kind of meal that is presented to them. Unlike adults who have choices in their meals, their attires which in most cases they are unable to acquire, adults do have more sources of pleasure as compared to young children. It is, therefore, a clear indication that age plays a critical factor in an individual's joy.

Human is a social being by nature. Hence their joy is pegged much on their surrounding including people that they associate with as well as how they perform their various activities within themselves as for others. It is true that people usually interact in various ways and activities in their day to life undertakings, therefore for an individual to live their lives fully, there is a greater percentage that is found within those who surround them. For instance, how people treat the other will make them to either appreciate life or regret living. When an individual appreciates life, it implies that they are living with pleasure within themselves and when they live in pleasure that they have been granted by their environment continually, it implies that there are bringing joy. Right people can be a spouse, children or even friends that shows generosity by being with one at their lowest moments or even at certain periods when they feel low.

Finally, joy is dependent on the gender. Women are said to feel lesser joy as opposed to men. According to a psychological study carried out in 2003, this hypothesis showed that women usually at varying ages feel lesser joy especially following their disadvantage especially from factors that range from domestic violence and their activities (Shimizu 22-27). Women perform various activities especially those of house chore as opposed to those that are performed by their men counterparts. Yonder, women are usually frustrated by choice of activities that they undertake. That is, they are usually held between making tough decisions and choices which mostly lower their level of joy. Hence, it is clear that gender affects someone's joy in various ways.


In summary, joy is a prolonged practice of pleasure that can either be driven from within or from outside. These factors yonder depend on some natural factors like age, gender, and environment that surrounds an individual. To attain joy, one must embrace happiness as well as the feeling of intense belonging to different situations and conditions.

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