Essay Example on Personality Profile: INFJT, Advocate Personality Type

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Date:  2023-03-12

Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicates that I am an advocate personality type, my scores significantly match with this type of personality, based on the results, (INFJT) I scored introvert -71%, this implies that I like directing towards my inner self and get more energized through a reflection of my ideas and experience. Intuitive- 66%, this shows that I am likely to take information that is real and focus on what I perceive, and see through a picture. Feeling -51%, this as an average score meaning that I am likely to consider my feelings as I make my decisions. Judging -76%, this implies that I prefer typical judgment before coming into a conclusion, and I like moving on use an organized manner to approach different issues. Turbulence-57%, it more of an evade score; however, I tend to question myself more and a bit sensitive to some of the factors such as stressors. This score determines personally based on each aspect as conducted during the test (Hamilton, & Ripley, 2018). I major in being a diplomat as my role and constant improvement as a strategy. The type of personality is, however, rare, and I am more surprised that I am in this category of people. Having this personality, I am more idealist and base my action of moral standards; however, what makes me different is that I am do not engage in idle dreaming. I have the ability to take an ore considerate steps to realize my dreams and goals to make the best out of it.

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I agree with my results because it reflects my personality, having an advocate personality is what I like, and I find myself engaging in activities which reflects on this type of personality. I am more passionate and determined to achieving my dreams, rescuing people and participating in charity events; these and many other features place me in this category. While reading my personality, I was surprised by the fact that this type of personality that I have attained is rarely found (Diekmann & Konig, 2015). It is different from what is expected because I thought I share most of my character traits with many people; this, however, does not affect my progress as I enjoy being the type of person I am.

I have learned that this type of personality is critical as I am more considerate of my environment. in most cases, I am driven by passion and determination to achieve a particular task, and therefore I have to be careful to avoid unhealthy situations, stress and exhaustion. I also learnt that critics and conflict are significant problems. In aces of a stressful or critical situation, I tend to be sensitive and do anything I can to evade personal attacks. It is, however, essential for me to know that in case of unavoidable circumstances, I tend to be more aggressive and fight back. I am more creative in resolving human challenges and people I care about. Based on the result, I lent that I am a concern with how events and people are interconnected.

Based on my career n pharmacy, I find this personality type more useful as a am more concern with finding the essence of my work and ensuring that whatever I don is connected to people. in healthcare, my desire to serve and connect to people is more rewarding and holistic. I am more concern about engaging in productive tasks. Based on my strengths and weaknesses, I have learned how I can approach my career differently. I will be more determined, creative and passionate to achieve the best in my career. I will maximize the use of my insights to organize my work, connect situations and vents. My scores significantly fit the weekly readings as they identify my psychological capacity, strengths and weakness based on my personality type.


Diekmann, J., & Konig, C. J. (2015). Personality testing in personnel selection: Love it? Leave it? Understand it!. In Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Assessment (pp. 129-147). Psychology Press.

Hamilton, R. A., & Ripley, R. F. (2018). The Efficacy of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Mach-V in Formulating Determinates for Pilot Candidate Selection. The Collegiate Aviation Review International, 20(1).

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