Essay Sample on the Ability of Money in Buying Happiness

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Date:  2021-04-19

The concern on the ability of money to buy happiness has always been in public debate with different people presenting conflicting opinions on the issue. Therefore, the paper will get based on a discussion whether money can be used to buy happiness or it cannot.

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Many readers of Wall Street Journal of Nov 12th, 2014 supported the issue by basing their argument that money can get used to buying experiences which in- turn may result in happiness. One Anita Monastero responded to the post by highlighting the issue of vacation money (The Wall Street Journal Par, 2). According to her, she prefers spending the money on holidays and travels rather than remodeling her house. She feels that the experiences she will go through while on the trips will make her happier than if she spends that money in renovating her house and ensuring that the house is in good condition. An opinion by Brett Schneider also concurred that indeed money could get used to buying happiness. According to Brett, he says he made an investment in savings and engaged in the tipping of big treating dinners. He also uses his money to assist some less fortunate kids, and the smiles which he receives back makes him happier.

Christopher Korth equally got mentioned in the journal to prefer using his money on a well-served delicious dinner every week instead of using it to acquire a new television which may last for ages and may be used for other vital issues (The Wall Street Journal Par, 5). He ends his comment by saying that when a person has money, he or she can get to bed without any worries. Some people like Bruce Ryman prefer to save money just to ensure that he is never broke. He credits his ability to save to the encouragement he received in the early days of his career in which he saved at least 10% of his total income every month. The savings ensured that he met his needs whenever any arose. It equally gets depicted that the idea of money being unable to buy happiness may only get mentioned by those people who have never gone broke.

Research also shows that there exist an association between an individuals' income and the person's well- being (The Guardian Par, 2). The study demonstrates a profound connection on how psychology is primarily linked to the financial situation of an individual. It also recognizes how an individual may appear without money. Even as the research presents the relationship between money and happiness, it discourages direct connection between the two issues of discussion and justifies the aspect of happiness from a different point of view. The picture demonstrates that money may get used to buying certain basic things which the human psychology needs. It goes further to add that an individual with a higher earning is less likely to experience instances of loneliness than that without money. The assertion for the depicted gets founded on the former individual's ability to buy those basic psychological needs which will relieve the loneliness. Therefore, the research forms part of the entities that relates happiness and money though from a different point of view but with a similar message.

Notably, the issue of money may also get discussed from the dimension of positive psychology. Positive psychology gets noted as the study of happiness and ways to improving it (The Guardian Par, 6). The discipline gets pointed out to exist for at least two decades and currently one of the fastest growing in the United States of America. It also involves various philosophical underpinnings which revolve the issue of the financial well- being of a person. The discipline disagrees with the opinion of most people regarding the ability of money getting able to buy happiness. One of the professors of the course agrees that it may contribute but at a minimum percentage.

The professor instead advice that happiness is greatly related to an individual's attitude more than any other thing. The issue of money to happiness is, thus, one that needs to get addressed in a deeper sense to come to a universal conclusion. The Templeton Foundation found the discussion unnecessary and decided to set the intellectual scope of positive psychologies to disapprove what appear to be correct to many people as noted earlier (The Guardian Par, 11). The foundation instead related happiness with optimism, attitude, gratitude and the like. It is, therefore, vital for every person to consider conducting further research and agree on a harmonized conclusion.


In summary, the issue of money buying happiness has shocked many regarding the receivership given to it by the corporate America. Many people voiced their concerns through the Wall Street Journal and the Guardian among other street journals to demonstrate divergent opinions on the issue. Therefore, it gets vital for various institutions and bodies to conduct research and present a harmonized report to the public on the issue. The paper notes two different opinions on the matter with a fraction of people supporting the idea and other opposing the whole aspect that relates money to happiness as presented in the paper.

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