A Student's Learning Experience in Social Work: Administrative Decision Making

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Date:  2023-08-16

A student learning experience in any area of social work knowledge, values and skills. Some suggestion of areas to examine are: confidentiality, diversity, self-determination, assessment tools, administrative decision-making, client eligibility requirements, access to services, policy and program development, impacts of poverty, supervision.Identify a learning experience in social work practice.

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Administrative decision making.

Articulate the significance of the experience in light of social work values and ethics.

Social workers make decisions that affect their clients significantly. Any inaccuracies, for instance, as a result of a faulty assumption, can cause adverse negative effects to clients. Social workers must identify the pitfalls associated with various potential decisions and put in place necessary measures to evade them.

Assess the implication of the experience for micro, mezzo, and macro aspects of generalist practice.

In the context of micro practice, accurate decision making may help groups such as individuals and families in ways of dealing with daily challenges. However, for Mezzo level, decision making may help during the implementation stages organized by various institutions such as churches and schools (Miller, Tice, & Hall, 2008). Lastly, the macro-level decision making demands that social workers be involved in the making of policies that can be used to solve social problems on a larger scale.

Identify the relationship between social policy and human behavior in the social environment and research.

Social policy dictates the nature of the social environment for humans. It, therefore, affects human behavior either physically, spiritually, and politically. Social policy informs research, especially on the effects of policy on various groups of people, such as minorities and other vulnerable classes.

Analyze issues of diversity, oppression, and social and economic justice.

It is typical for a society to be diverse, for instance, in ethnicity, religion, race, and gender. According to Davis & Reber (2016), diversity demands economic justice because an economy ought to create opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, age, religion, race, or ethnicity. Without economic justice, minority groups may feel oppressed, and this may attract protests, paving the way for conflicts between a government and its people.

Evaluate agency policies and practice as it relates to these issues.

Naturally, social workers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that organizations are aware of the required ethical standards in the field of social work. They acknowledge the significance of diversity and advocate for the rights of individuals and groups that might be oppressed as a result of economic injustices.

3.) Reflection/Personal Reaction

A thoughtful summary of one's own perceptions, beliefs, and reactions to the field learning experiences: including ethical dilemmas, introspection, and thoughts about professional identity

I believe that the field of social work requires a lot of resilience and diligence. Social workers experience unique challenges because their duties revolve around the interest of individuals, groups, or organizations. One of the most valuable insights I had was that all ethical dilemmas need to be solved with help from the code of ethics, however tricky. Social workers should spend a significant amount of time carefully calculating their next course of action because they judge their professional identities based on their decisions.


Davis, A., & Reber, D. (2016). Advancing human rights and social and economic justice: Developing competence in filed education. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, 1(3), 143-153.

Miller, S. E., Tice, C. J., & Hall, D. M. (2008). The generalist model: Where do the micro and macro converge? Advances in Social Work, 9(2), 79-90.

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