3D Virtual Reality Marketing Strategy Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-23

Multiple channels have been used to facilitate business activities of selling products. 3D is emerging to be the best companies to use in the purpose of communication with esteem customer. Especially when it comes to taste and preferences of particular products. Simulation of the product to the real store has brought about significances and enhancement of knowledge toward the product, customers purchase, and attitude. In the normal case, not all the product is attributed to this method of a marketing product. For example, tastes as kind of sense can be expressed in a digitalized manner and given a presentation through the interface of virtual reality. The current technology seeks a product that can be attributed to virtual reality presentation. All this are determined by application of certain theories such as cognitive fit, and theory on media richness. The products are factored to provide attribution and moderating effect that incorporates the relationship between knowledge acquired, attitude and reality of virtual models as well as the intention of purchasing. In doing this the company is able to determine their investment in virtual worlds and the most appropriate product they should focus on their marketing strategy. This essay tries to argue whether 3D virtual technology should be adopted as a marketing strategy for a new product for a company or organization.

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Without any doubt in order to get direct interaction with the product in the real world, it is necessary to come into contact with the real product. It quite different in the virtual world, because the customers experience the difference and unique feeling on the product. This is because the virtual environment simulates similar experiences which a real store provides. Therefore, the relationship between virtual reality and product knowledge capacity attituded involved are determined by the type of product needed to be simulated and digitalized because it is not all the product that can give virtual reality experience. However, it is the evident 3D virtual world is among the fastest growing simulated environment which is internet-based. It cannot only provide an interface of people interaction but also providence of product and services from business and individuals.

Furthermore, the 3D virtual world is proving to form a vital element to test designs of new products as well as concepts created before being released into the real world. the technique, such as crowdsourcing, customer input incorporation, product design, and services are quite important in virtual reality marketing models. Business is now able to have a variety of choices as virtual reality added means of communication to the customers. This choice of variety enables the managers to easily decide whether to adopt the model and system to fit into. To add on that, it is evident that, virtual reality has the potentiality to enhance telepresence greatly influences knowledge in product, the attitude of the brand, as well as consumers, purchase intention. There is a successful application of virtual reality in the business world. For example, America apparel clothing chain launching their first line of Jean. Hence, it suitably recommended to use and adopt virtual reality.

In spite of 3D bring in a quality of visual and also the auditory cue. The 3D interface of virtual reality interface can be the more compelling sense that can be a presence and also it can be more interactive than any other media can. This is an important business strategy putting into consideration the aspect of the involvement. The 3D involve for example gaming can be used as an exercise activity. According to a study carried out the 3D uses sensory modalities used to deliver information. The study also indicated the 3D has very less to moderate effect of the products visuality. Hence through the use of 3D technology as an activity to try to exercise our bodies and help grow healthy and in a productive way. The 3d is a very diverse medium and can present a real form of the most compelling of feeling present and also the form of interaction than any other media in the world. And hence I would be important to consider any other product and future services of the virtual reality. Depending on the feedback it could be important to consider that communication is the essential factor between the company and the customer. This strategy would help the company develop a better product that has to meet all the user's needs. On the art of coming up with a better strategy, there should be more study conducted in the aspect of trying to explore attributed products which can be a well suited for the 3d or the virtual reality and hence testing different product to come with one that interacts well with the experimental setting. The manager can also try to provide evidence into why the virtual world is a justifiable decision that could help them improve the marketing strategy.


In conclusion, organization opting to use 3D virtual reality should have based on its importance. This will help to maximize the use of the market strategy. The important aspects standing out is the interaction of the customer and the virtual reality product. Apart from that, design testing of the new product in the simulation world form a background in the growth of the virtual reality field.


Bonetti, F., Warnaby, G. and Quinn, L., 2018. Augmented reality and virtual reality in physical and online retailing: a review, synthesis and research agenda. In Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (pp. 119-132). Springer, Cham.

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